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3 Simple Ways to Replace Plastic in Your Life

3 Simple Ways to Replace Plastic in Your Life

While plastic is certainly convenient, more and more research is showing how damaging the chemicals in plastic are to the environment.

Plastic is all around us so it can be tough to know where to start.

Why is Plastic So Bad?

We are becoming increasingly aware of limiting our environmental footprint and reducing plastic is a great place to start.

Our oceans are being filled with plastic, choking our animals who can mistake plastic for food. While natural materials break down, plastics end up not only in our waterways but clogging up landfill for hundreds of years.

It is worth noting that some plastics can be recycled while those that don’t either end up in landfill or are burned – the resulting CO2 leaking into the atmosphere is what is contributing to climate change.

How You Can Minimise Your Plastic Use Today

We’ve got three easy ways that you can start to make the change from plastic to other materials and do your bit to help the environment.

01 Say Farewell to Plastic Tupperware

It’s time to invest in glassware. Yes, it can certainly cost more but glassware is going to last a lot longer and be better for the environment.

Most plastic food containers not only stain easily, they can leach chemicals into your food, which can be bad for your health.

You’ll love Pyrex containers because they are not only a long-term solution, they look much nicer too. The best bit? They’re good for the environment as glass is one of the world’s most sustainable materials.

02 Ditch the Disposables

Single-use items in our day to day life are becoming a thing of the past for many Aussie businesses. Most supermarkets have caught on that the single-use plastic bag is severely damaging the environment, while some coffee shops are even offering discounts on your favourite brew if you have a keep cup.

At home, you can swap to a metal or glass water bottle and leave a keep cup in the car so that you don’t forget it. It’s also a great idea to stop using straws when you are out – many bars and restaurants are already doing this.

03 Seek out the Best Swaps

Check out this article in Business Insider for some great plastic alternatives that you can start changing to today.

Here are a few other swaps you can make around the home.

Biobags: These bags get the tick of approval because they are compostable, making them the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious.

Beeswax wraps: These funky-looking wraps will replace that box of cling wrap in the pantry. They’ll keep your food nice and fresh and they’re reusable!

Mesh produce bags: Instead of using a different plastic bag for every type of fruit and vegetable (my personal pet peeve), take a mesh produce along to your next grocery shopping expedition

The below video provides some interesting facts about plastic and how it is affecting us, the earth and wildlife.

Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic


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