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4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing A Robot Vacuum

4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing A Robot Vacuum

We all want to make our cleaning routine run a little smoother. Thanks to technology and items like robot vacuums, cleaning our homes has become a lot easier than it used to be.

But is a robot vacuum the right purchase for you? And what should you consider before taking the plunge?

How Far Has Technology Come?

We recently spoke to Trevor Long, tech guru and editor at eftm.com about the advances that robot vacuums have made throughout the years.

“These day robot vacuums are very strategic with their cleaning patterns and navigation. They map your home to perfection, allowing you to set boundaries where they shouldn't go,” Trevor explained.

“Most importantly their suction and cleaning capabilities have dramatically improved in just recent years.”

Questions to Consider Before You Bring A Vacuum Home

01What Is the Right Model for Me?

Image source: https://www.ecovacs.com/

The robot vacuum offering is an ever-increasing market. They range in price greatly, so depending on what features you want and what type of flooring you have, it can be hard to know where to begin.

One model that Trevor recommends is Ecovacs because of its range.

“They have the best technology in their latest Deebot Ozmo T8 model, which allows the robot to use an on-board camera to see things you might have left on the floor, and avoid them - reminding you later to move them. Plus, their mopping capabilities are exceptional,” Trevor said.

Trevor’s article offers a more thorough guide on pricing and feature comparisons.

02Pick the Right Model for You

Robot vacuums have made some great improvements in recent times but a high-quality stick or bag vacuum is still your best bet if you have a lot of carpeted floors.

An advanced model will be able to detect items that may have been left on the floor and avoid them. If you generally have minimal mess lying around, a simpler model will suffice.

Have mixed flooring? It may be worthwhile investing in something with some more features.

“Some higher-end models have advanced sensors and are also able to transition between bare floors and carpeted areas without manually switching settings,” Trevor said.

“Others allow you to control them through a smartphone app.”

03How Much Maintenance Do I Need to Do?

Your robot vacuum does need to be properly maintained to be effective. Luckily, it’s relatively simple to keep your unit working well.

Regularly remove the roller to shake out any debris and take hair or fragments out of the bristles. Use your robot vacuum’s tools to reach into difficult crevices and always remember to follow any instructions given in the manufacturer’s cleaning manual.

03How Do I Set Up My Vacuum?

Image source: https://www.sharkclean.com/

You can program most models to ensure it starts cleaning at the same time each day, and so that it remembers the layout of your space. Follow the vacuum around on its first couple of journeys around your home to see where it is getting stuck.

Your vacuum will also need to be used daily for optimum efficiency.

Make sure you put your unit’s home base/charging station is placed against a flat wall with enough free space around it that the unit can comfortable return ‘home’ once it finishes cleaning.


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