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4 Ways to Stop Destroying Your Sofa

4 Ways to Stop Destroying Your Sofa

We love our lounges and with the popularity of streaming services, we’re spending more and more time on them.

Did you know that the average person spends 8 years in front of the TV over their lifetime, according to a Huffington Post (UK study).

Taking care of your couch is important and there are four ways that you’re probably ruining it.

01 Using Your Sofa the Wrong Way

According to the experts, a good quality lounge should last up to 25 years and a cheaper lounge should be around approximately 10 years.

Using your lounge for things other than sitting can reduce its lifespan.

We know how comfortable the lounge is but falling asleep on it regularly isn’t recommended. It can cause it break down and sag in certain places.

Make sure the kids aren’t using it as a trampoline, either! And as tempting as it may be to drop down onto the couch after an exhausting day, try to avoid it. ‘Plopping’ yourself down on the lounge may damage the couch springs.

Sit down as gently as possible on both your lounge and recliners. Take care flipping out your recliner as well.

02 You Always Sit in the Same Position

Just like our beds, we tend to pick a side on our lounge that we always sit on. However, it’s important to mix it up.

When you put regular pressure on a certain area, it may cause premature wearing and uneven sagging. We recommend rotating your cushions regularly and picking a different seat when you can just to spread the load out across the couch.

03 You Don’t Keep It Clean

The E-Dry team has seen many dirty lounges in its time. We’ve collated some top tips for how you can keep your favourite couch clean and hygienic.

It is a great idea to introduce couch rules at your house for your family or housemates to follow. These may include:

No eating or drinking on the couch

No shoes on the lounge either

Don’t keep your lounge in direct sunlight to avoid sun fade.

Use exhaust fans while cooking and smoke outside as indoor air contaminants may discolour or make your furniture smell.

Use a cleaner specifically made for your lounge fabric.

Protect with cushions, throw rugs and fabric guard sprays where possible.

Attend to stains as soon as possible. Acting quickly may stop it from becoming quickly

Make sure you contact a professional if you are having trouble with a particular stain or just want to give your lounge a great clean. Your E-Dry technician will customise the approach to suit your specific lounge fabric, so that they achieve a fantastic outcome for you

04 Not Vacuuming Your Upholstery

It is time to pull out those additional accessories that came with your vacuum. Every few weeks, reach deep into all of the crevices to get any dirt or crumbs hiding in there and vacuum thoroughly in all directions.

Try to remove cushions from the lounge too, to ensure a comprehensive clean.


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