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5 Tips to Make Your Boring Bedroom Brilliant

5 Tips to Make Your Boring Bedroom Brilliant

Winter is coming … and with many of us spending more hours at home at the moment, it’s the perfect time to spruce up a tired bedroom.

They don’t have to be expensive changes, a few cheap tweaks can make an impressive difference.

Here are five of our favourites.

1. Spruce up Your Linens

Invest in higher thread count sheets – you’ll feel the difference with good quality sheets. They used to be expensive but these days, you can pick up a Queen-size 1000-thread count from $89 at Target.

Have a think about your colour scheme. A new doona can completely change the look of your bedroom. If you’ve got neutral colours in your room, a pop of colour on a new bedspread could brighten things up.

2 Inject a Little Personality

Using your new bedspread as inspiration, pick up a quirky lamp or a throw rug for added personality.

Cushions are also a great option with minimum commitment – mix up the colours to suit your mood. You should be able to pick up some exciting options from stores like Fantastic Furniture for between $9-$35.

3. Calm the Space with Plant

Indoor plants are on trend at the moment and they can be a great addition to your bedroom. Plants can create a calming atmosphere and some species can improve air quality by absorbing potentially harmful toxins or even repelling insects.

You can find some really easy to maintain options here.

4. A Fancy Feature Wall

Don’t let the idea of DIY painting daunt you. A different shade can illuminate your space and you don’t need to have the skills of a trade-person.

Wallpaper is an easy way to modernise your room – there is a great range available and places like Bunnings will help out with DIY advice if you’re not sure where to start.

5. Make Over Your Mattress

Have you got a runny nose or pesky cough you just can’t seem to shake?

A dirty mattress could be the cause. Your mattress may be housing thousands of dust-mites whose excrement contains mycotoxins that cause respiratory issues.

An E-Dry Healthy Mattress Clean will freshen up your mattress and improve the quality of your sleep. Our cleaning process will remove dust mites, dust mite excrement and dead skin cells from your mattress from just $129.

Block out this weekend and make this a fun activity for the family – you could even makeover the kids’ bedrooms while you’re at it. While our tips will definitely make spaces more aesthetically pleasing, they’ll also improve your sleep.



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