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5 Ways to Freshen Up a Smelly Lounge

5 Ways to Freshen Up a Smelly Lounge

Has your sofa been smelling less than fresh lately?

That smell hanging around could be from any number of sources, including body oils, your pets and food and drink spills. Yes, there is a reason your mother always told you to eat at the dinner table!

Our tips below are for fabric lounges only, given upholstered furniture is more susceptible to absorbing odours.

You may have already tried a fabric deodoriser which unfortunately will only mask the smell. Our solutions are natural, inexpensive and long lasting!

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Take your sofa (if it isn’t too heavy) outside into the sunshine. Natural UV light does a great job of killing a range of odour-causing bacteria which can cause a musty smell.

Sunlight can also kill dust-mites that could be amassing in your lounge while you’re watching your favourite TV series.

Tackle Stains Immediately

One of the easiest ways to minimise the permanency of a stain (and risk of odour) is by cleaning up a spill as soon as it occurs.

Food spills create a food source for odours causing bacteria, so a clean lounge is a healthy lounge.

For a solid stain, remove any of the excess with a tool like a spatula before cleaning. Blot gently as rubbing the stain may push it further into the lounge fabric.

Use Your Vacuum

Dig through your cleaning cupboard for the attachments that came with your vacuum; they’re made for cleaning your upholstery. During your weekly vacuum, use your attachments to reach into crevices where food, dust and pet hair love to hide and start to smell over time.

If your lounge is particularly stinky, vacuum it first to remove any loose debris before following the deodorising steps below.

Absorb the Odour

Image Source: The Family Handyman

Grab some Bi-Carb Soda from the kitchen pantry and sprinkle a thin amount over the affected area and leave it for at least half an hour (the longer, the better) before vacuuming it.

Test beforehand that your vacuum has enough suction power to remove a smaller amount of the Bi-Carb Soda. That way you know you can effectively remove it after it has done its job.

Bi-Carb Soda is an alkaline so it breaks down grime well but is also a gentle abrasive that absorbs odours. This makes it ideal for stains and stinky odours.

This process may need to be repeated if it is a particularly bad smell.

Try Vinegar Instead

If you don’t want to use Bi-Carb, try the vinegar instead. Again, test it on a hidden section of your lounge before cleaning to ensure the colour dye won’t run.

Put some vinegar and water (1:1 mix ratio) in a spray bottle, mist it lightly on the sofa and simply let it air dry. Open a window if need be. It is worth noting that even though it may smell strongly like vinegar when you spray, it will dry odourless.

Vinegar is a mild acid that dissolves grime and neutralises odours, making it great for this task.

Need to clean your leather lounge? Here is how to clean and condition it in just three easy steps.

It is important to note that a deodorised couch isn’t always necessarily a clean couch. You may need to call in a professional if you’re having trouble with the smell. E-Dry’s Cleaning technicians can safely and effectively clean most fabrics and use specialised treatments to effectively remove most stains.

Our service now includes E-Shield, our long-lasting sanitiser that protects against germs, bacteria and other nasties.


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