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6 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Home’s Sale Price

6 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Home’s Sale Price

Selling your home is one of life’s more stressful events and we often rush to renovate to make sure we get top dollar.

However, you need to be smart when choosing what to spend your dollars on to ensure potential buyers see your home at its best. Here’s how.

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Finesse the First Impression

Street Appeal is a buzz word in real estate circles and with good reason. For a prospective buyer, liking what they see as they step out of their car is extremely important. Keep the front yard tidy and think about adding a pop of colour to your gardens. Investing in a letterbox with a modern touch can also go a long way.

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Freshen Up the Front Door

While you’re working on your street appeal, don’t forget the front door. It is literally the portal to the interior of your home and can set the scene for the rest of your open inspection. A fresh coat of paint on your door is an affordable way to really spruce up the entrance.

A professional paint job on your door may be around $100 while doing it yourself will cost you a few hours of your time and a tin of your favourite shade from your local paint store.

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Get a Different View

One of the main things people do when entering an open home is picture themselves living in the space. We get a bit of tunnel vision about our homes so it can help to get a professional pest and building inspector in.

Identifying potential issues early on will also make the sale process run much smoother, given most people have their own inspections done prior to purchasing.

It’s also a great opportunity to understand your property better and utilise your budget for optimum benefit.

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Fine-tune Your Flooring

It’s important to keep your floors in great condition, but especially so if you’re thinking of selling. Clean, plush carpet or sleek timber floors can make a remarkable difference to the overall atmosphere of your home!

Make sure your floors are looking spectacular by giving your carpet a thorough vacuum and remove scratches from your timber floors. Have worn-down linoleum on your floors? Might be time to update to a more modern look.

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Create a Change in the Kitchen

It’s quite simple to update the heart of the home without emptying your wallet. Buying just a few funky handles for your cupboards and drawers can transform the overall look of the kitchen. You could even buy a couple of quirky, colourful appliances to really make your bench space shine.

Consider the vibe of your local area, too. An eclectic piece or two can add personality to your home, but if you can read your market, subtly styling your kitchen accordingly can add serious dollars to your selling price.

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Get Rid of the Clutter

Time to embrace your inner Marie Kondo! It’s hard for potential buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in the home if there’s a lot of clutter.

Keeping a clean home is ideal, too. Light on time? Wipe down your main surface areas, give the floors a quick clean and open up your windows to let some fresh air flow through the home before the agent comes knocking.


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