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7 Tips to Keep Your Timber Floors Looking Great

7 Tips to Keep Your Timber Floors Looking Great

Worn, dirty and dull areas can make a beautiful wood floor look boring and unattractive. Because wood is so durable, we tend to forget that how we clean and maintain a wood floor has a significant impact on its appearance and longevity.

Getting the most out of your wood floor is relatively straight forward. It just requires some smart care and maintenance. Here’s 7 simple tips to keep your wood floor sparkling:

Avoid Mopping A Dirty Floor

Many so-called “speed cleaning” enthusiasts advocate going straight to wet mopping before sweeping or dust-mopping timber floors. Dry soil, dust and dirt plus moisture equals mud. So, every time you wet mop a dirty wood floor, you're really just sloshing muddy water around. The second reason to avoid mopping a dirty floor is that sharp debris can get stuck on the mop fibres, potentially scratching the finish.

Keep Floors Clean

Every time you walk on a dirty floor, the dirt, grit and debris causing micro-scratches in your floor. These minute scratches and abrasions give wood floors a dull and worn look. 

Regular cleaning with a dust mop, soft broom or a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designed specifically for wood floors is the best way to prevent wear and trafficking on your beautiful wood floor

Pro Tip: Place entry rugs or mats at entrances and lay down area rugs in high traffic areas. Better yet, have a no shoe policy in the house altogether.

Cleaning Products, Read The Label

The cleaning product you use can make or break a wooden floor. Cleaning products with a high pH level (alkalinic) will soften the coating of timber floors and eventually cause it to look dull and lifeless. Look for a neutral cleaner (ph7) and follow the instructions. Overusing cleaning solutions will leave a residue that will eventually make your floor look sticky and dull.

Towel Dry Your Floors

Water is the natural enemy of wood. Too much water can cause wood to swell, warp, shrink, crack and eventually, rot! When mopping your floor, avoid over-wetting and dry the floor right away using a soft towel or microfiber cloth.

Say No To Direct Sunlight!

Like water, the sun is a natural enemy of wood. Harsh UV rays from sunlight can cause water-based wood floor coatings to fade and appear chalky, while oil-based coatings will turn a strong amber/honey colour. Strong, continuous direct sun can ultimately break down the floor coating exposing the raw timber to the elements.

Block out the sun by using drapes or blinds. If you have large windows that extend from the ceiling to the floor, get blinds or drapes that reach down to the floor.

Pro Tip: Rotate your furniture regularly! This will help even out fading and discolouration that's caused by prolonged exposure to UV light.

Remove Wax Build Up

If your using a cleaning product that contains a wax polish, like “Longlife 4 in 1”, then continued use will cause a wax build-up on your floor that looks dirty and grimy.

We recommend going for cleaning products without wax polish. But if you like the look that wax polish gives, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and wash your floor with cloudy ammonia after every 4 applications to remove and prevent wax build up.

Pro Tip: Worldwide industry leader in hardwood floor care, Bona, recommends choosing a neutral cleaning product that doesn't contain wax.

Call The Professionals

Professional cleaning is a great way to maintain your timber floor, but if your floor is already looking dull and worn, then we recommend cleaning and re-coating your floor This will restore your floors original shine and protect your floor for many years to come.


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