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8 Great Cleaning Ideas for Soda Water

8 Great Cleaning Ideas for Soda Water

Water is truly incredible! We drink it, wash in it, use it in cooking and hundreds of other purposes every day. When we gas it up with a little pressurised carbon dioxide, it becomes something more incredible - soda water!

Soda and lime anyone? Maybe add a dash of Vodka? In Korea there’s a cool trend to wash their faces in carbonated water. It gives the complexion a lift resulting in healthier, glowing skin. Apart from being great in drinks and a surprisingly good facewash, soda water is an incredibly good cleaner.

Here’s our 8 top tips for making your cleaning jobs a snack

Make it Sparkle - Jewellery Cleaner

Fill a small bowl with soda, add a few drops of dish-washing detergent and then drop your jewellery in. Soak the jewellery overnight to loosen up the grime then give the bowl a swirl and watch the dirt dissolve. Heavily soiled jewellery may need the assistance of a soft brush to loosen up that grime.

Rust Buster

Moisture and metal is a terrible combination, especially if you live close to the coast. Rust is incredible hard to prevent or reverse, but the carbonic acid in Soda water can do just that. Give the rusty items a good bath in Soda Water for a few hours and let the bubbly magic do its’ thing, then clean off with a soft brush. This solution should work on nuts and bolts, tool, hinges and any other rusty item you can find around the home.

Gunky Windscreen Cleaner

If your windscreen is caked with squashed bugs, bird dropping or road grease, then a little soda water and a cloth will do the trick. Pour the soda water over the windscreen and the straight onto a clean towel or cloth and wipe down. Soda water is also very effective on bathroom mirrors and glass windows. It’s the non-toxic, streak free glass cleaner you’ve been looking for.

Kitchen Benches and Stove Tops

Drizzle soda water over benchtops, the stove top and even the sink. Give it 2 minutes to fizzle and then wipe the dirt and gunk away. Soda water is also excellent at removing water stains and soap scum from tap-ware.

Pots and Pans Soaker

I don’t know about you, but I dread washing up pots and pans after cooking. Make the job easy by filling the worst pots or pans with Soda Water while they’re still warm and let the carbon dioxide lift the food grim from the pan for easy cleaning.  

Glass and Porcelain Polish

Still in the kitchen, soda water is a safe, easy to use option on glass and porcelain dishware. It's also effective on stainless steel kitchen appliances. Give your, kettle, toaster or microwave some bubbly lovin' and you’ll be impressed by the results. You can even soak silver spoon and forks to make for sparkling dinners.

Emergency Stain Remover

Soda water is an incredible emergency stain remover for fabric. When the spill occurs, act fast and pour a bit of soda water onto the stain and the bubbly water will help prevent the stain from adhering to the fabric. After applying the soda water, blot with a clean cloth and repeat till the stain comes out. This is a great emergency solution for red wine spills!

Pet Urine Treatment

If you come across a fresh pet accident, blot the area dry with a towel and apply a healthy dose of soda water. Again, blot the area dry with a clean cloth and repeat. The bubbles in the soda water will capture the uric salts so that they can be removed through blotting with absorbent towels, helping to prevent horrible pet odours and unsightly stains.


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