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Embrace Your Inner Kondo On Your Cleaning Supplies in 3 Easy Steps

Embrace Your Inner Kondo On Your Cleaning Supplies in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all got that friend who’s been raving about Marie Kondo and her smash hit Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. So what is the show all about? And how can it help you minimise the mess at your place?

In each episode of the show, Marie is invited into the homes of families who want to declutter their homes and simplify their lives. She shares her method with them, teaching them the “life-changing magic of tidying up” (also the title of Marie Kondo’s book).

What Is The KonMari Method?

Marie’s method involves piling your belongings into categories and then going through each item individually. You then need to hold each item and only keep it if it ‘sparks joy’. The theory is that by doing this with everything you own, you’ll have less clutter and therefore less stress in your life.

How Can Cleaning Supplies Spark Joy?

We’re not expecting you to pick up your shower cleaner and experience feelings of joy. Quite the opposite actually! But we can show you how to de-clutter your cleaning cupboard to help simplify your life and bring a little of Marie’s magic into your place.

I’ll let you in a secret. Despite what marketing companies would have you believe, you don’t really need a separate cleaning product for every job around the home. It’s a dirty little lie that keeps your cupboards overflowing with stuff you don’t actually need! The problem with this? Cleaning products piled up under the sink means I sometimes forget what I’ve got in there … and end up buying more of the same product!

The chemicals in those products were another thing that was stressing me out about my cleaning supplies. Most of my super-specialised cleaners had a long list of ingredients I can’t pronounce, accompanied by a long list of warnings: “wear gloves”, “keep away from eyes”, “keep out of reach of children”, “if irritation occurs, see a doctor”. Not the sort of stuff I feel comfortable my family being around.

Here's what happened when I KonMari’d my cleaning supplies.

1. Discover the Cleaning Power of Natural Products

You could throw out all your expensive cleaners today and replace them with a few natural cleaning products that will do a better job than anything you’d find in a supermarket cleaning aisle. Using some basic products, you can mix up a cleaning solution for any occasion!

White vinegar:my personal favourite, white vinegar is great at dissolving dirt and is an effective mould killer.

Bi-Carb: a mild abrasive that can break down dirt and is a natural deodoriser.

Lemon: this powerhouse is a known degreaser with anti-bacterial properties.

Tea Tree Oil: natural sanitiser and anti-fungal, disinfectant and insecticide qualities.


Vodka (or rubbing alcohol): Disinfects, cuts through grease and is great on glass and windows.


2. De-Clutter Your Cleaning Cupboard

Now that you’re armed with your natural products, simplifying the cupboard should be a cinch. Pull all your cleaning products out of the cupboard and put them in a pile. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy (or hasn’t blown you away with its cleaning power) and don’t forget to recycle. I guarantee you your new arsenal can tackle any household chore –  check out this article and our all-purpose cleaner for some inspiration.

3. Get A Fresh Start With Your Supplies

Avoid falling back into old habits by following Marie’s advice and using boxes for storage! Having your items stored properly means they’ll be easy to find and you won’t end up buying doubles!


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