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Got Mould? - The Fast, Furious and Effective Way to Mould Treatment

Got Mould? - The Fast, Furious and Effective Way to Mould Treatment

Mould is the stuff of nightmares. It's ugly, it smells nasty, and it just keeps coming back like Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I had the chance to live in a few houses with serious mould problems and I had to hold my breath while in the bathroom or while doing the laundry. One rental property I occupied had a severe mould issue in the center of the ceiling. I lost count of the many days I was sick and was looking forward to when I was free of the lease.

Fast forward to today and I found myself riding shotgun with Jason, a Goldmorr certified mould expert from E-Dry. It struck me that only a select few are actually certified by Goldmorr, giving me the confidence that I'm working with someone with the proper training and knowledge to get the job done. This is a blessing, considering I was a bit apprehensive knowing I was going to come face to face with my nightmare from the past -- mould! This easily conjures images of death deep in Egyptian tombs caused by a deadly strain of mould spores! Not comforting at all.

On the way, Jason opened up about some interesting facts about mould that only seemed to heighten my mould fears.

Fast Mould Facts:

  • Bleach is NOT an effective solution to eliminate mould. In fact, it aggravates the mould causing it to become more aggressive and reproduce faster.
  • Painting only hides the mould stains but does nothing to the mould. So it's like sweeping dust under the rug.
  • Mould spores have a far longer hang time than Michael Jordan. Which means, they can hang around your house for a long time. They will repopulate unless treated.
  • Mould stain is like an iceberg. The small dark stain is actually mould waste and only represents the tip of the iceberg. The real mould lives inside the walls.

Mould is at its’ worst in winter. That’s because mould loves moisture and it’s in winter when the windows are closed and it’s harder to dry things out.

It wasn't long when we arrived at a cosy old cottage, with a wide-open veranda and a rambling garden owned by Geoff & Beryl. The concerned couple reported an ugly build-up of mould in the bathroom. They confessed to trying to rid the mould themselves but the mould was relentless as it just kept growing back. The unsightly smear marks on the ceiling were evidence of their futile attempts. I was shocked to see the severity of the mould problem. Jason did a careful inspection and shrugged: "That's fine, give me a few hours," and so the magic began.

I was so far removed from my comfort zone, that Jason looked amused as he had me put on a HazMat type suit that made me look like a character from Breaking Bad! Mould is really toxic, bad for people with allergies and compromised respiratory systems so it's important to wear proper protection and equipment.

E-Dry is licensed to use the Goldmorr mould remediation system. It's a highly specialised mould treatment process that's effective on even the mould problems. Making it a popular choice in the US, the UK, New Zealand, and here in Australia. Insurance companies love the system because it's fast and doesn't require ripping out sections of the walls. In fact, repainting is not necessary for most jobs.

Watching Jason work was like watching David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear! The best part was that this was the real deal, no illusions! The system proved to be quick and highly effective and he was able to clear the ceiling of any mould traces in a matter of hours. Apparently, the anti-mould solution Jason used penetrates deep into walls and ceilings, completely eradicating the mould. It was an amazing experience and the results really do speak for themselves! Good job, Jason!



E-Dry is extremely confident in their work and guarantees against mould regrowth for 12 months. This, of course, is if you choose to take up E-Dry's complete mould remediation package that includes anti-microbial misting to eliminate the spores in the air. This greatly decreases the likelihood of mould popping up elsewhere in the house. You'll also need to address any leaks or moisture issue that caused the problem in the first place. Experts like Jason will be more than happy to give great advice to prevent mould problems in the future.

After the job, Jason asked Geoff & Beryl to keep out of the house for 5 hours. The charming couple was only too happy to oblige as they were eager to spend an afternoon with their grandchildren. The biggest surprise I got all afternoon was how simple the job was when you have an expert like Jason and the best professional tools and solutions. Even with all the expertise involved, it only cost Geoff & Beryl $400 to get rid of their mouldy headache. Their bathroom now looks clean and inviting and none of the sickening mouldy smells! That's money well spent.


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