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How to Cool Down Your Air-Con this Summer

How to Cool Down Your Air-Con this Summer

When temperatures soar, stepping inside a freshly-cooled home is a fantastic feeling. What happens if your air-conditioner isn’t performing though? It’s frustrating when your unit isn’t there for you when you need it most!

Getting your air-con firing again is easy by following a few easy steps.

Open up your unit

It’s not pretty, I can assure you. Most systems contain a build-up of grime that blows throughout our homes every time we turn the air-conditioning on. What’s worse that mouldy odour you smell every time you hit the ‘on’ button.

I highly recommend giving the filter panels a good shake and vacuum outside, which will definitely help a lot. If you really want results though, you’re going to have to engage the professionals.

Get Your Cooling Mojo Back

Here’s what a professional will do to get the job done right. They’ll remove the built-up grime from the fins of the evaporative unit (the internal unit of a split system air-conditioner), as well as clean the barrel fan inside the air-conditioner. Here’s what you have to look forward to after a professional clean:

  • Increased air-flow
  • Air that is 4 degrees colder
  • Up to 22% less power consumption
  • Clean healthy air without the mouldy dank smell

What will it cost?

We’re not going to be humble, we’re good at what we do. We know our expertise can keep you cool this summer and our services are affordable too. A professional air-conditioner clean will usually cost just $139. We can service your external unit too, usually for just $189. Have a 2nd unit? We can service it too at a reduced cost.

We can service ducted air conditioning too, usually costing $299 for 6 internal outlets ($399 for external as well). More detailed pricing information can be found here.

What we do

  • Temperature and air flow testing before and after the service so we know the difference the clean makes.
  • Industrial-strength vacuum to remove all the dry dirt and contaminants.
  • Pre-treatment spray for evaporative unit and condenser.
  • Pressure rinse internal fins and coils of evaporative unit and condenser.
  • Treatment with anti-static, self-cleaning coating (if requested) – this step will enable the system to remain clean for up to 2 years.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Re-test temperature and air flow.

It’s an affordable service that will give you peace of mind and arm you with amazing cooling power to beat the heat. We’re doing this for your own good, trust us.

We can save you money too

A clean air conditioner means more cash in the back pocket. Here’s why. After a service, your air flow isn’t hindered by built-up junk in the unit. Your system will hit your desired temperature much quicker and won’t have to work as hard to maintain it. A professional clean can decrease your energy consumption by up to 22% which means savings on your power bill – a big win this time of year!

How to keep your house cool

Here’s what you can do to keep the house comfortable and your unit in great cooling condition.

  • Set your temperature to 24°C or higher – each degree under uses 5% more energy. Only turn your air-con on when it gets over 30°C outside.
  • Use fans to circulate air, cracking windows open slightly to improve their efficiency. This could save you between $40 and $200 a year.
  • Choose the water drop symbol on your remote instead of the snowflake for cooling. Not all units have this option, which is called dry mode and is great in humid areas. The air-con compressor runs at less power and could halve your usage power.
  • Close blinds and leave lights off first thing in the morning if there’s enough natural light, of course. It could mean you won’t have to turn your unit on until lunch-time or later on a really hot day.


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