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How to Keep Your Home Healthy During the Coronavirus Crisis

How to Keep Your Home Healthy During the Coronavirus Crisis

News about the Coronavirus, and the virus itself, appear to be spreading fast.

But before you go into full-blown panic mode, it might be time to educate yourself about some of the ways you can protect you and your family from any illness by improving your home hygiene practices.

Protective Methods

There are still facts being discovered about the illness but so far, its symptoms are being described as similar to influenzas, so the same preventative measures apply.

Wash Your Hands

According to the World Health Organisation (and health entities world-over), you should be cleaning your hands regularly with alcohol-based hand sanitiser or hot, soapy water.

Ensure you wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Carry alcohol-based hand rub everywhere you go and clean the front and back of your hands often.

Sanitise Your Home

We recommend sanitise only products that can kill viruses such as the N1H1 influenza virus. We recommend:

Glen 20

Dettol Antibac spray

These products are recommended because they have a short residual life. This means they continue to sanitise after you apply the product, while most sanitisers evaporate after you apply them, negating their efficiency.

Protect Your Carpets and Upholstery for 6 Months

We offer clients a product named E-Bac, which was developed by Healthguard. This residually active sanitiser is applied to carpet and upholstery to target germs and bacteria for up to 6 months after you apply it.

Why Does It Work So Well?

Following the cleaning process, E-Bac bonds to the carpet or upholstery fibres. Its ingredients have been clinically proven to prevent the growth of germs, mould and bacteria for up to 6 months. This includes the H1N1 influenza virus.

It is worth noting that E-Bac may wear off the fibres in less than 6 months. Tests have revealed that a residual life of at least 3 months should be expected.

E-Bac can also remove odours and comes in lavender, apple or vanilla fragrance.

Protect Your Mattress For 6 Months

In collaboration with Healthguard, we have created the Healthy Mattress solution which is included during the mattress cleaning service.

Healthguard’s dust-mite treatment solutions successfully inhibits the growth of germs, dust-mites and mould in the mattress for 6 months, including the H1N1 influenza virus

Should I Take Other Precautions?

Here are a couple of things to take note of:

Respiratory Care

Use a tissue or your arm when you sneeze or cough. Make sure you stay about one metre distance from someone who is coughing or sneezing to avoid contaminated fragments.

Try not to touch your face, eyes or mouth to avoid spreading germs from your hands.

Use Good Sense

Stay home from work or keep your kid home from school if you or your child are not feeling well. No point potentially making the whole office unwell.

Wash any communal cutlery with hot, soapy water and don’t share food with colleagues.

Take special care of the particularly vulnerable people in your life, such as the elderly or those whose immune system is compromised already. These people are more likely to experience more severe symptoms than others.

Get in touch with a healthcare provider if you are feeling unwell.

Will a Natural Alternative Kill Viruses?

We certainly love cleaning with natural ingredients such as lemon and vinegar. They have disinfecting properties and while they can be great for general cleaning and treating many types of germs, they are not as effective on viruses.

E-Dry is not currently aware of any easily accessible, natural, virucide products.


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