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How to Naturally Make Your Fridge Fabulously Fresh

How to Naturally Make Your Fridge Fabulously Fresh

Published on March 1, 2019

Cleaning my fridge is my least favourite job in the home. It takes forever to do, and there’s always a chance of discovering something horrendous lurking at the back of the crisper. But as much as I want to put it off, it’s tough to ignore when the fridge starts to smell.

My biggest grip about cleaning the fridge is the fact I need to use commercial cleaners to do it. The idea of using harsh chemicals to clean where I store my food really bugs me. But I’ve found a natural way to get it done.

How to Naturally Clean Your Fridge

1. Clear it out. Remove any leftovers from your fridge, and anything that has reached its use-by date. Make the most of your ‘fresh’ start and get rid of anything that you know you’re not going to use. The job may take a little while to get done if it’s been a long time between cleans. Consider putting your perishables into an esky or a different fridge if you have one.

2. In a glass spray bottle (you can get one from Target), combine:

  • 125 mls white vinegar
  • 250 mls (1 cup) hot water
  • A few drops of essential oil (Peppermint, tea tree or lemon work well)

3. Get the interior trays out of the fridge, spray the mixture onto them. Spray the inside of your fridge too and leave it for 10 minutes before wiping down with a cloth.

4. Put the trays and your food back in. Wipe everything down so you don’t mess up your neat fridge with sticky jars.

5. While you’re at it (or waiting for the natural mixture to work its magic), clean the outside of your fridge with white vinegar on a microfiber cloth for stainless steel fridges to shine. Rub in the direction of the grain for the best results. For all other fridges, using your pre-made vinegar mix will work wonders.

What’s the secret?

White vinegar is known for effectively breaking down grease. Mixing it with hot water is a great way to target stuck-on food. Essential oils have got sanitising properties in them as well to target germs and bacteria. What I love about this mix is that the deodorising properties can eliminate nasty odours, ensuring that you’re met with a pleasant scent the next time you open your fridge door.


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