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How To Remove Pet Urine in 7 Steps

How To Remove Pet Urine in 7 Steps

You’d be forgiven for wanting to keep your pets inside at the moment – it’s cold out there!

Unfortunately, this usually means their “accidents” are more likely to happen.

Pet urine stains can be extremely difficult to get rid of without knowing the right techniques.

Here is what you can try.

So Why Does Pet Urine Ruin Carpet?

When urine dries, it leaves behind bacteria and uric salts.

This bacteria thrives in moisture-rich conditions (humid), emitting an "off gas", which is a very unpleasant smell.

Sometimes urine left on carpet for an extended period may affect the carpet dye and create a permanent stain.

How Can I Remove Pet Wee Stains from My Carpet?

The most important thing to do act as quickly as possible. Pet urine stains are so much easier to treat when fresh so we highly recommend getting onto it once it occurs.


To begin, blot the area with a clean, dry towel.


Mix together just a few drops of dishwashing liquid with some warm water. Cleanse the area with your mixture then give it a thorough dry with a different towel. Apply some pressure by standing on it to absorb as much of the moisture as possible.


Grab a safe carpet cleaning solution and use it on the stain to ensure that all of the urine is removed.

If the stain has already dried, here is what you need to do.


Sprinkle some bi-carb soda liberally on the stain.


Create a 1:2 mixture of white vinegar and warm water, pouring it onto the stain to effectively break down the uric salts and the bacteria that causes those odours./p>


Use folded up large towels to soak the water up, adding pressure as you go


With a sponge, cleanse again with warm water before carefully drying the area.

Have you got a tougher stain? You will need to use an odour eating enzyme spray like E-Pet Odour Eliminator or store-bought Enzyme based product for targeting odours.

Products like these use enzymes to break down the uric salts and odour-causing bacteria. E-Pet can also help to deter your dog from returning to the same area.

For multiple accidents in the one area, you may need to bring in a professional cleaner as home remedies may not sufficiently treat the problem.


As urine odour specialists, your E-Dry technician can find the extent of the damage with a penetrating meter. This will give the technician a good idea of where the uric salts have penetrating into the carpet and underlay.


Your technician will inject a disinfectant that will target bacteria and neutralise the salts.

How Do I Stop My Pet from Doing Its Business Inside?

They can be tough to train but there are a few ways you can prevent your pet from going to the toilet inside.

Here are some ways to prevent permanent stains on your carpet.

Look for the ‘tells’ that your dog or cat is about to go, then quickly get them outside. Don’t forget to give lots of praise when they do the right thing!

Take the dog outside after meals or naps, as this is when their bladder is likely to be full.

Make the most of rugs, especially in high traffic areas.

If the spot is used often, soak it with pet enzyme cleaner and let it thoroughly dry. Because enzyme cleaners treat odour-causing bacteria, it will deter you dog from going where it’s been before.

Take your pet to the vet if this is a behaviour they have just started doing. There may be some underlying medical issues.


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