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Slash Your Summer Cooling Bill

Slash Your Summer Cooling Bill

Like most of Australia, last quarter’s household electricity bill was a shocker. We all want to save money on our bills, but going off grid isn’t an option for most of us, so we’ve compiled a few simple tips that might help you to get your bill down.

For the average Australian household, heating and cooling makes up about 40% of their overall energy bill. We think Origin Energy’s* site has some really helpful hints that could improve your air-con running costs as the heat starts to hit your house.

Know your temperatures

  • Set the remote to 24°C or higher – each degree under uses 5% more energy.
  • Use fans instead and save between $40 and $200 a year.
  • Only turn air-con on when it gets over 30°C. This could save you between $50 and $340 a year!

Check out some of our other hints to help you keep your cool, both during summer and when the bill drops into your inbox.

Make friends with dry mode

Ever wondered what the water drop symbol was for on your remote? Many air conditioners have a ‘dry’ or ‘dehumidify’ option, which removes room humidity, making the air easier to cool. Choose the water symbol instead of the snowflake for cooling, meaning the air-con compressor runs at less power, possibly halving your energy consumption!

Be your fan’s biggest fan

We forget about our fans quite a bit, when they’re actually a great way to circulate air. Cracking a window slightly could really improve their efficiency, too. We recommend placing a fan by the window to enhance the airflow and running fans at night instead of your air-con, which has probably gotten a workout throughout the day already.

Block the sunlight

The sun filtering through your windows or blinds heats up the house quicker than you may think. Close your blinds and curtains properly and turn lights off where natural light is enough. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make, and if you do it first thing in the morning, you may not need to turn your air-con on until much later than usual, if at all! Your indoor lights produce heat, so hopefully switching them off will cool things down while taking some heat off your energy bill as well.

Insulate and propagate

A poorly insulated room could be costing you money. Studies have shown that 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption is lost through air ducts. Purchase a door snake (I found mine at a bargain store) and try to invest in high quality insulation and seals. Keep doors and windows closed while the air-con is running – if they’re open, you may as well be throwing money out of them!
Going green could also help you save your hard earned cash. Plants and shrubberies by your windows can provide shade and help cool the air too. It could be a great spring or school holiday project for you and the kids! Shade your air conditioning unit with plants too, helping to cool it down and work better for longer.

Clean conditioner = money saved

Your air conditioner will run more efficiently if you keep it clean. A clean unit means that the air flow will be excellent, so your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to reach the desired temperature and can maintain it much more easily. An Edry Air Conditioner Clean could improve your cooling power by up to 4 degrees – very handy during summer! It’ll also improve your energy use, with a thorough professional clean reducing consumption by up to 22%!


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