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Spruce Up Your Home Office Space with Our 4 Tips

Spruce Up Your Home Office Space with Our 4 Tips

With many people having to work from home at the moment, it’s the perfect time to create a home office that will inspire both creativity and productivity.

Getting yourself organised and giving your new desk a personal touch will help to brighten up your workdays and improve your focus and creativity.

You want to make your home office streamlined with the rest of your house, while still being separate enough so that you aren’t easily distracted.

Check out our top tips:

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Get the location right

Positioning your desk in the correct place in your home is important. Most of us will have to make do with our laptop but you may be surprised by the other suitable options that may be hiding at home.

A small desk may fit perfectly under the stairs, you could utilise an awkward nook in the hallway or that spare room could be refashioned into your new home office.

Depending on your job, you may need a lot of, or a little space. Factor this in when picking where to set up.

Try to keep your personal and professional spaces as separate a possible so that you can stay focused throughout your workday.

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Beautify your new space

Unlike the work office, this is your space, so you get to decorate it as you like. Remember though, it’s important to inject some personality but you should also keep it simple.

The right colour or object can really energise the area, keeping you motivated throughout the day.

You can grab some great minimalist art online or better yet, put some photos up of your loved ones – familiar faces may bring a smile to your face during your daily grind.

Places like Officeworks and Kikki K have some gorgeous desk accessories that are not only functional, but look fantastic, too. Pick up some quirky items for your desk or some items to get you organised.

We recommend using a small rug under your desk and chair, to help absorb sound, make your home office space comfortable and add a pop of colour to a drab area.

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Bring home some plants

Your new indoor plant will create a sense of calm, while some varieties can help to reduce noise and filter the air. Pick something that’s size is suitable for the space and that is easy to care for. These six plants are among the toughest to kill.

If you aren’t confident about keeping a live plant, you can pick up an artificial plant from a home décor store – a good quality purchase will look just like the real thing.

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Get that Office Super Organised

Your new desk accessories are going to come in handy here. Having your office organised will make your work days much more productive.

Put any archived documents into storage boxes, use labels as needed and keep your filing folders as organised as you can.

You will need to place your most regularly used items within reaching distance. It may take a few days to figure out your set up but once you do, it will make life so much easier!

Limit the amount of clutter on your desk and keep any nearby windows open to let in the light and fresh air.

Another recommendation? Clean up any loose computer or gadget cables with Velcro tape (Officeworks has a great variety) to keep everything looking nice and neat.


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