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The 5 Ways Your Home is Making You Sick

The 5 Ways Your Home is Making You Sick

Have you been feeling unwell lately? Have a cold you can’t shake? It may be your home environment.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a phrase that describes how the toxins and contaminants in our indoor air are potentially causing issues to your health.

What illnesses could SBS be linked to?

The ‘sick’ areas of your home could be contributing to your ill health, some symptoms including:


Sore throat, runny/itchy nose, congestion, aggravation of asthma or allergies.


Headaches, fatigue/lack of sleep, fogginess/lack of concentration.


Lack of sleep, anxiety or depression symptoms.

How to Cure Your Sick House in 5 Steps

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Improve the Air Flow

These days, a lot of homes have poor quality air flow, which may increase mould and bacteria. The Australian Department of the Environment and Energy estimates that we spend an average of 90% of our lives indoors, with air quality potentially affected by fungi, microbial contamination, house dust mites, particulates and air toxics such as formaldehyde.

The Fix

Some indoor plant species absorb allergens and can remove toxins from the air.

You should also ensure that your air-conditioner is running efficiently. A unit with dirty filters is potentially damaging to your health, because it is blowing contaminants throughout your home every time you hit the ‘on’ button.

Don’t forget to let the fresh air in as much as possible.

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Treat Your Mould

If you read our blogs often, you’ll know all about the damaging effect mould and mould spores may have on your health. The mycotoxin present in some mould species can activate respiratory reactions, sore eyes or general lethargy. Those particularly at risk include people with a weakened immune system or allergy or asthmatic concerns.

The Fix

We recommend treating smaller mould issues with a 1:1 water/vinegar solution. Spray and then leave for around five minutes before wiping down.

Mould is notoriously tough to get rid of, so if you have a stubborn problem, you may need professional assistance. E-Dry Mould Cleaning and Remediation effectively treats mould and prevents it from returning.

Prevent mould infestations by opening the windows in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry as often as possible, treating your mould when you can and always using your exhaust fans.

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Avoid Chemicals Where Possible

Chemical and Personal Care products are loaded with a variety of chemicals and we don’t we really know how these chemicals may affect us in the long term. We regularly use these products in poorly ventilated areas, which may make them even more potentially damaging to your health.

The Fix

Use natural or ‘green’ products where possible.

Ensure you are opening your windows or doors while cleaning and only use light amounts of the product.

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Put Your Mattress Out

We spend a third of our lives in bed so our mattress is one environment we should be keeping as healthy as possible. Many of our mattress are full of bacteria, fungi and dust mites and their excrement. Dust mite excrement contains a chemical that may trigger allergic reactions and other health issues, such as asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing.

The Fix

One cure for dust mites is UV light, which kills them instantly. Take your mattress into the sunshine at the start of every season for at least an hour. Try to keep your bedroom windows open when possible too, even if it is just for a short time during the colder months.

An E-Dry professional clean targets dust mites and their excrement, as well as other contaminants and bacteria, keeping them away for up to 6 months.

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Time to De-clutter

¬Even if your home doesn’t quite look like an episode of the reality TV show Hoarders, clutter can impact on your mental health. Your digital space is also included in this, meaning that overflowing email inbox you’ve been ‘meaning to get to’.

The theory is that the more cluttered your home is, the more it interferes with the pleasure you feel in that environment.

Also, the more clutter you have, the more places dust has to gather, which also has health repercussions.

The Fix

You can do this. Take it on just a small task at a time such as a drawer or a room. Try some of the great pointers in this article.

Have a look into the Broken Windows Theory. Its premise is that everything in your home should have a place.

How to Stop Sickness in its Tracks

If you or one of your family members is already sick, be diligent by wiping your surfaces regularly, wash all sheets and pillowcases, and ensure everyone at home is washing their hands properly and often, to prevent germs spreading.


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