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The 6 Places Mould Hides in Your Home

The 6 Places Mould Hides in Your Home

If you’ve ever had a mould issue, you know how horrible it looks and how difficult it can be to remove and prevent.

Chances are, you know the main places mould rears its ugly head at home most (hello, bathroom) but there may be several places you may have not yet thought to check.

Here are some of mould’s usual suspects and some other places you need to keep an eye on.

01Your bathroom

Humidity, water and poor ventilation create the ideal environment for mould to thrive. Your bath or shower generates a great deal of heat and without ventilation, can create mould.

Prevention Tips

Open up windows where you can, to let fresh air flow in.

use exhaust fans and leave it running for 10 minutes after your shower.

A squeegee is a great way to remove excess water following a bath or shower.

02Grout in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

One of the main reasons mould lurks in your tile grout is because you’re using too much water when you’re cleaning your floors. Your grout works so well because of its porousness – unfortunately, this also means it absorbs water easily, and all of the other gunk you’re mopping off your tiles. This can create an opportunity for mould and bacteria to grow.

Prevention Tips

Combine a 1:1 mix of water and vinegar to treat mould in your grout. This is best for sealed grout lines. Avoid getting any mixture on your tiles if they are natural stone.

A baking soda and water paste will also work well. Apply, let it sit for 30 minutes and then scrub away.

Use a spray mop on your floors; minimal water is best.

03Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen sink is prone to mould, especially if there is a leaky pipes issue underneath. Leaving dirty dishes or filthy cloths in the sink could also encourage mould growth.

Are you guilty of leaving expired food in the fridge? Off food or spills may cause mould, while cooking can generate condensation and humidity.

Prevention Tips

Keep your fridge as clean as possible, cleaning spills when they occur.

Wipe down benchtops often.

Turn on an exhaust fan or open a window when cooking.

Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink.

04The Garage

Even though it is tucked away from sight, your damp garage is very prone to mould outbreaks. This can be caused by lack of ventilation, standing water or leaks

Prevention Tips

If you can, use mildew-proof paint on walls and ceilings.

Let some sunlight in when you can.

Use a dehumidifier to help control moisture levels.

05Check Corners and Cupboards

Dark corners and cupboards are certainly susceptible to mould growth, usually because of the lack of ventilation. Rain can also sneak through the roof, which can be a real headache!

Prevention Tips

A compact dehumidifier is an ideal way to reduce humidity.

Damp-Rid is helpful in smaller areas like cupboards.

Open up windows when you can.

A towel is good for wiping up condensation from walls and windows

06Bathroom Accessories

Mould loves your bathroom so it makes sense that your items you use while bathing or showering would be prone by association.

Don’t forget items like your toothbrush holder, shampoo bottles (check the bottom) and your kids’ bath toys.

Prevention Tips

Pop your toothbrush holder into the dishwasher every couple of weeks.

Wipe down all bottles during your next clean.

Sterilise bath toys every 2 weeks with boiling water and vinegar.

Replace or wash loofahs, wash cloths and bathmats often.


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