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The 6 Reasons You Need A Dehumidifier Today

The 6 Reasons You Need A Dehumidifier Today

Dehumidifiers are one of modern technology’s most handy appliances, being adopted into the homes of many Australians.

But what do they do and would it be a good investment for you and your family?

A good quality dehumidifier will let you monitor and reduce the amount of humidity in your home, which can prevent mould, make your indoor air cleaner and enhance your health.

Do You Need A Dehumidifier? 6 Reasons Why You Might

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Your suburb suffers from high humidity

Many areas of Australia are known for their high humidity, bringing with it some very uncomfortable days.

For optimum comfort, experts recommend a humidity level of between 40-60%. Do your research to ensure that the dehumidifier you purchase can test your current humidity levels indoors before regulating them.

Purchasing a dehumidifier could improve the energy efficiency at home, too. As it is much easier to cool or heat dry air, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature.

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You Want to Prevent Mould

Even if you don’t have mould (but especially if you do), a dehumidifier is a fantastic preventative measure that removes the moisture that mould needs to grow.

A dehumidifier may be one way to prevent smaller infestations getting worse. If you have a more sever case, you will need professional remediation. Qualified mould removal specialists, such as those at E-Dry, have the right equipment and solutions to be able to effectively treat visible and hidden mould.

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Perpetual Pests

Do you have a problem with pests at home? If you do, or even if you just want to keep them away, a dehumidifier may also be for you. Pests such as cockroaches and ants love humid conditions, which provide the perfect breeding environment.

Yet another great reason to have a dehumidifier at home!

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Musty Odours Are Your Unwanted House Guests

Older houses or homes in areas where there is a lot of rainfall tend to get very damp and develop a smell over time. This can happen if doors and windows have been closed up for a while or if mildew is in the walls.

A dehumidifier will also help with mould, which can emit a smell even if there is just a small amount in your home.

By reducing humidity, condensation and mildew is reduced, eliminating a likely reason for that distinctive smell.

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You Suffer From Asthma Or Allergies

A dehumidifier may be of great benefit to people at home who are suffering from asthma or allergies.

Dehumidifiers are great for combating mould, whose spores can trigger respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

You can also depend on your dehumidifier for improving your health, as mould can also contribute to a range of health issues such as itchy eyes, runny nose, respiratory issues and overall general lethargy.

Keep your eyes peeled for a model or company whose products are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program.

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You Want To Dry Your Clothes More Economically

Are you sick of running your dryer throughout winter? Hang your clothes safely near the dehumidifier and it will take the moisture out of the clothes, effectively drying them.

This may also help to reduce mould and condensation too, as regularly running a dryer in a small laundry can contribute to high humidity and moisture.

Do I need a dehumidifier or air purifier?

It’s likely you’ve heard about air purifiers and are probably wondering, which one is best for you?

Put simply, an air purifier does a more effective job of treating your air, successfully targeting smoke odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are emitted from certain household products, pet hair and dander, and a range of viruses and bacteria.

A dehumidifier will dry out your home environment, reducing the humidity and moisture that can contribute to respiratory issues or an unhealthy home environment.





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