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The Ultimate Guide to Proper Vacuuming

The Ultimate Guide to Proper Vacuuming

What household chore do you despise the most? For me, it’s vacuuming. I know vacuuming needs to be done regularly but there is something extremely unsatisfying about it! Like most household jobs, I love the idea of getting the best results in the least amount of time.

Here are five of my favourite tips to help you get the most out of your vacuuming sessions.

Embrace Your Attachments

Are your attachments gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere, waiting to see the light of day? They are actually pretty useful! Use them to get into those hard to reach places or even clean your upholstery – it will definitely make a difference!

Master Your Vacuuming Method

Working for carpet cleaning professionals has given me some insider knowledge – a great vacuum is all about the method. While you may not have the industrial strength equipment, a domestic vacuum can do a great job with the right technique.

Getting hold of an extension cord is the ideal first step, so you don’t have to keep putting the cord into a new power socket every time you move onto another area.

Another tip? Vacuum the room vertically and then again horizontally. This will help lift up the carpet fibres so that the most amount of dirt and debris can be removed from your floors.

Get your method right and you may not need to vacuum as often!

Deodorise Dirty Carpets

Clean carpet filters air pollutants but unfortunately if it is dirty, bacteria gets trapped creating some very interesting smells. Vacuuming regularly is really important to keep your carpets fresh.

You can find deodorisers at your local grocery store but I do recommend this little trick. Place a cotton wool ball soaked in lemon juice into your vacuum bag, to make your carpets smell natural and super fresh.

Bi-Carb Soda is another option; it’s a natural odour neutraliser. Sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes or so and vacuum it up. It’ll impress with what it can do!

Empty Rubbish Regularly

This is the golden rule of vacuuming – you should be emptying your bag or compartment after every use! If your bag is too full, air can’t flow through the equipment and the suction ability of the vacuum will be affected! This makes your vacuuming take much longer than it should.

Don’t neglect the rollers, too. Rollers agitate dirt in carpet fibres, helping your vacuum to do its job.

Why You Should Keep Your Carpet Clean

I’ve got a few tips to share on this one, some that might surprise you. You should be wearing socks on your carpet when you can. Bare feet aren’t actually recommended for your carpet. This is because our feet release body oils which attract dirt and bacteria onto carpet fibres.

Shoes should obviously be kept off where possible but place an abrasive mat at the front door, just to get rid of what debris you can before it gets inside!

I also recommend investing in a rug or two for larger areas. A rug will protect your carpet, is easier to clean and can bring some beautiful colour into your living room.


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