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The Seven Biggest Cleaning Mistakes

The Seven Biggest Cleaning Mistakes

Keeping a clean home can be tough at times. But what if I told you that there’s some cleaning methods you’ve actually been doing wrong.

I’ve recently discovered some cleaning faux pas that really surprised me – let me share them with you.

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Dishwasher Fails

For starters, you need to stop overpacking your dishwasher. It seems simple when you think about it but overpacking means that the dishwasher can’t spray between the crockery for an effective clean.

Make sure that your spoons and knives aren’t facing the same direction -like the above tip, it makes it tough for the water jets to reach them and you may need to run the cycle again.

You shouldn’t be putting your smaller utensils, like your graters and garlic presses, into the dishwasher. Your machine will find it difficult to get food out of the nooks. Ensure you either give them a thorough rinse or wash by hand with hot, soapy water.

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Waiting for a Sunny Day to Wash Windows

Contrary to popular belief, washing windows on a bright day isn’t best. The sun’s heat will dry up your cleaning product quicker, which could lead to smears and streaks when you try to wipe down the product. You might be best to save it for a cloudier day.

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Ignoring the Directions

How well do you know your favourite cleaning product? I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a cleaning product label. You may have been reading it incorrectly for years.

You may just learn something new, like the application of the product, how much to use and safety precautions. Using our products smarter may save you time and money in the long run!

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Stop Spraying it Wrong

Prepare to have your mind blown. The correct spraying and wiping method is to actually spray the cloth then wipe.

Spraying directly onto a surface can make it unnecessarily greasy, creating a build-up that may attract dust and make it more difficult to clean.

Note that you may need to spray directly if it is a particularly dirty area or a stain. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it down, which will help it effectively do its job.

Most people use too much product as well. To avoid streaks, just a light spray will suffice.

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Mixing up Your Products

Unfortunately, combining your cleaners won’t make them work better. It may cause them to not work properly, or worse, be detrimental to your health. Combinations like Ammonia and Bleach, Vinegar and Bleach, and Vinegar and Peroxide create toxic by-products, which shouldn’t be breathed in.

A decent cleaner will work well enough on its own. Do your research though, if you are thinking about mixing products.

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Not Washing Your Washing Machine

Our washing machines work hard and you may never have thought about cleaning the machine itself.

A clean machine is important. Here’s why. Bacteria gets trapped in the film that laundry detergents and powders create, while growing in your laundry’s humid conditions. Don’t forget about any dirty food remnants left behind following a wash.

Here’s a great method for cleaning your washing machine. You only need to do it about once a month to have a clean and hygienic machine.

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Forgetting Germ-Ridden Items in Your Home

If you take a lot of pride in keeping a clean home, you may be in for a surprise. You’ve missed a spot, several in fact.

The experts call them ‘touchpoints’, also known as the items in your home most likely touched by potentially ‘germy’ hands all the time. Items like the TV remote, doorknobs and light switches spring to mind!

It’s a simple fix. Just give these areas a clean with disinfectant wipes next time you’re doing your clean.


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