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The Six Worst Cleaning Hacks on the Internet

The Six Worst Cleaning Hacks on the Internet

The Internet has made life much simpler and opened up an exciting new world, full of great advice.

However, with great advice comes the bad. When it’s related to cleaning, these horrible hacks can cause more harm than good.

We’ve collated a few of the biggest shockers and give you the right advice on how to get the job done properly.

Using Vinegar on Wood Floors

As wood floor experts, our teams know many ways to look after your timber. Cleaning it with vinegar is not one of them.

Here’s why. When you clean your floors, you’re not actually cleaning the wood, you’re cleaning the polish the floor is protected with. The acidity in vinegar wears down that polish, making floors get increasingly dull and faded over time.

Your best bet is to use a cleaner made specifically for your floors and use a spray mop so that you don’t get them too wet. You should never clean your floors with more water than needed.

Cleaning Natural Stone with Vinegar

This is another vinegar tip to avoid. Cleaning natural stone tiles or benchtops with vinegar will cause etching on surfaces such as marble and granite. Mix up some dishwashing detergent and water to do the job, instead. Castile soap also works a treat!

Soak Carpet Stains in Water or Cleaning Product

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do this but here’s the main reason. Excess moisture on the carpet can get trapped in the carpet fibres, backing and underlay, causing watermarks and potentially long-term damage and mould growth.

Try not to over-treat the stain with your chosen stain removal product – less is usually best to avoid potentially bleaching carpet dyes.

We recommend that you blot the stain instead, first using a spatula or similar to remove any solid chunk gently off the carpet. If it’s a liquid stain, sponge with water and dry with an old towel. Stand on it to soak up as much moisture as possible. Spray with your product of choice and blot until the stain transfers from the carpet to your cloth or paper towel.

If it is proving to be a formidable stain, it might be worth calling in the professionals to have it treated effectively.

Mixing Vinegar and Bleach to Clean

This is one of the worst tips and for good reason. Adding acidic substances to bleach releases toxic chlorine gases that can cause respiratory issues and a burning sensation in your eyes. Check out our blog for same safer cleaning alternatives.

There is no shortage of alternative cleaning options on our blog for you to check out.

Using Window Cleaner on your Gadget Screen

Your computer, smartphone or tablet screen should never be cleaned with window cleaner. This product wears down the anti-glare coating, fogging it up and even potentially cracking the screen. Use tap water (distilled if you have it) and a microfiber cloth to clean. Add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar with an equal amount of vinegar for stubborn grime. Spray a little of the water or water/vinegar mixture onto the cloth, not directly onto the screen to avoid damaging any electrical parts, and wipe in small circles.

Pour White Wine on a Red Wine Stain

This tip will do nothing other than waste your favourite Chardonnay. The theory is that the alcohol in the white wine will act as a removal agent (which rubbing alcohol, like Isocol, is). However, with that white wine comes added sugar, which can crystallise on your fibres and create further stickiness for grime to attach itself to. It may also add more tannins to the carpet, creating an even bigger stain!


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