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Why Choice thinks Exit Mould is ‘Shonky’

Why Choice thinks Exit Mould is ‘Shonky’

Mould is an unwelcome guest in any home. This annoying fungi thrives in a warm environment and unfortunately often becomes much worse after we’ve had rain.

Cleaning is never an enjoyable task and you want to make sure, especially when it comes to mould removal, that the products you’re using are doing the job right. That’s why we wanted to let you know that one of your favourite products has been living a lie. Anybody who has mastered the art of bathroom cleaning knows that bleach is regularly promoted as an active ingredient that kills mould – it’s the key ingredient in Exit Mould and similar products. But bleach shouldn’t be used to remove mould from your home. It can be a satisfying feeling watching the mould fade away but unfortunately, bleach could be doing your mould problem more harm than good.

Making the right Choice

In 2012, renowned consumer advocacy website Choice awarded Exit Mould a ‘Shonky’ in 2012 for falsely claiming it can remove mould from your home. The Shonky Awards are held annually to name products that contain misleading information in their advertising. As Choice states, Exit Mould unfortunately doesn’t do the one thing its title claims!

Why won’t bleach remove the mould?

According to Choice, Bleach looks, at first glance, like its doing its job. It will re-colour the mould and leave behind a clean smell and likely a feeling of satisfaction. Don’t go high-fiving yourself just yet though. All that you’ve done is take the colour out of the mould. Unfortunately, the mould membrane is still hiding underneath the surface, emitting mould. It’s pretty likely the mould will appear again on the surface really quickly, making the cleaning feel like a never-ending task!

Will the bleach cause damage?

Just to add to the problems bleach may be causing, it’s also a caustic that can slowly wear down the protective coating of the materials you’re using it on. This is particularly worrying if you’re using it on your grout lines – over time the bleach is breaking the grout down potentially making your grout become more porous, therefore even more susceptible to mould.

Could bleach be affecting my health?

Absolutely, it could. A strong bleach solution can irritate the mouth lungs and skin, and in strong enough concentrations it can actually burn human tissue (internally and externally), especially in small children. Have an asthmatic at home? Bleach fumes can be an irritant so it’s best to always use Personal Protective Equipment such as a respirator mask, goggles and gloves whenever using the product.

Be the Martha Stewart of mould removal

This simple homemade mould cleaner recipe can be made with just a few easy-to-find ingredients. It’s a much safer alternative and it’s really effective at tackling mould, too.

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Have a larger mould issue?

The frustrating thing about mould is that it can inhabit and grow in tough to reach areas like wall cavities. This makes cleaning particularly difficult. Remember, you should always call a mould remediator if your mould issue area is bigger than 1 square metre.

E-Dry’s professional service is undertaken by highly trained technicians, who use an anti-microbial solution to find the source of the moisture, treating hidden mould for long-lasting results. It’s the perfect solution for cases of significant mould contamination, removing mould stains with repainting not needed in 95% of cases. Our technician can also restore your indoor air quality to safe levels by effectively removing mould spores in the air.

Note: We have contacted the manufacturer of Exit Mould regarding whether the product's ingredients have changed since the Choice 'Shonky' was awarded in 2012. The manufacturer advised the formula has not changed since that time. A safety data information sheet issued in 2016 for Exit Mould, which includes a list of ingredients, can be found here.


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