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E-Gard Carpet & Upholstery Protection



E-Gard creates an invisible coating on carpets and upholstery to prevent soils and stains from attaching itself to the fibres of your carpet or upholstery.

With Healthguard™ built in, E-Gard minimises mould, fungi, germs and bacterial for at least 3 years or the life of the coating.

E-Gard is the ultimate protection for your home and family.


It provides protection against spills and stains

E-Gard helps block liquids and oily soils from penetrating the carpet or upholstery fibres, instead causing the spill to “bead up” or fall between the fibres, not into them.

E-Gard is like an insurance policy for your carpet. By providing a barrier between the spill and the fibre, it helps prevent spills or stains from dying the colour of the carpet. This means that liquids such as colas, milk & coffee can be removed easily (providing the spill is treated straight away in accordance with the “after care” instructions). Treated immediately, most stains will come out of a carpet protected by E-Gard, but extra care must be taken with acid-based stains.


E-Guard keeps you and your family healthy

The Healthguard™ built into E-Gard will eliminate germs, bacteria and fungi in the carpet upon application.

The Healthguard™ will prevent the growth of the germs, bacteria and fungi in the carpet for up to 3 years keeping you and your family healthy.


It preserves the appearance of your carpet!

It prevents dirt from sticking to the carpet fibres. The dirt is held loosely around the carpet fibres making removal of the dirt easier. Research confirm that removing the abrasive soil slows down wear and increases the longevity of your carpet by up to 25%.


It resists soiling!

Vacuuming carpet protected by E-Gard is more effective because the dirt does not adhere to the fibre.

 When vacuuming untreated carpets (with a normal vacuum cleaner) only 60% of the dirt is removed, the other 40% builds up in the carpet. Much of the remaining 40% of soils are vacuumed away when the carpet has been treated with E-Gard. This means that carpets treated with E-Gard stay cleaner for longer


E-Gard is long term investment for carpets. It will keep your carpet look cleaner for longer, slow down wear and keep your carpet healthy.  With regular vacuuming and professional cleaning, E-Gard will be effective for at least 3 years.


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