Air Conditioner Cleaning

Reduce energy consumption & improve cooling power by up to 4 ℃

Air will be up to 4 ℃ cooler when it leaves your air-conditioner.
Increases your air conditioner's efficiency, which means savings on your energy bills.
Cool or heat your home faster with better air conditioner performance.
Removes mould, dirt and allergens so that you breathe cleaner, healthier air.
An air conditioner cleaning lasts for at least 12 months.
Cleaning is carried out by a trained technician, so you can be confident the work is being done properly.
Increases the life of your air-conditioner motor and filters.
E-Dry's unique air conditioner cleaning system is hygienic & healthy.


Split System

Split System Internal Unit $99
Split System Internal and External Unit $50
2nd Unit Internal Only $74
2nd Unit Internal and External $109


Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal Only $199
Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal & External $299
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal Only $299
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal & External $399

Why is regular air-conditioner cleaning so important?

  • Over time mould, dirt, oil and other contaminanta become attached to the evaporative (cooling) unit of your air-conditioner, impeding it's performance.

  • Mould can grow rapidly in the moist environment of your air-conditioner, blocking air-flow and contaminating your home with harmful mould spores.

  • Professional cleaning removes these contaminants, allowing your air-conditioner to work more efficiently and keep you home cool and comfortable.

How will air-conditioner cleaning reduce my power bills?

  • An air-conditioner cleaning improves airflow and the temperature transfer from the evaporative (cooling) unit. This means that your air-conditioner works more efficiently and for a shorter period of time to achieve the same cooling result.

  • Once your air-conditioner has reached the desired temperature, it will then run at a lower speed to maintain that temperature, which leads to big savings on your power bills.

Why is air-conditioner cleaning good for my health?

  • Over time, mould and bacteria build up in air-conditioners, sometimes to alarming levels. Every time your air-conditioner is turned on these are blown through your home, potentially causing ill-health.

  • Regular air-conditioner cleaning is incredibly important for homes where family members suffer from asthma, respiratory difficulties or other health issues.


E-Dry gives all our customers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, we will re-clean your air conditioner free of charge.

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