Mould Cleaning

An effective & affordable mould treatment system



Once the mould is removed, there is no need for scrubbing with domestic bleaches.
You do not need to re-paint the effected areas after treatment.
Restores your air quality to safe and healthy levels.
We remove and treat the mould all on the same day.
E-Dry’s exclusive mould treatment system passes the strictest laboratory tests and is approved by insurers.
Our process is faster and more affordable than other mould treatment systems.


We guarantee our mould treatment service for 12 months.
If the mould returns, we'll re-treat your home free of charge.*

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Could Mould Be Affecting Your Health?

Mould can lead to health concerns ranging from the annoying to very serious including itchy eyes, runny nose and generally feeling run-down right through to auto-immune diseases and serious respiratory issues. From over 100,000 different types of known mould approximately 5% contain mycotoxins which can be very harmful to people.

Whilst long term exposure to most types of mould can trigger allergic reactions, continued exposure to mould with mycotoxins can result in severe health issues. Mould in the home looks terrible and can be a serious health hazard. If you can see mould, it needs to be treated effectively.


E-Dry’s mould remediation systems are approved by insurers and pass strict laboratory clearance testing. Our mould treatment process is fast, effective and guaranteed to work.

inspecting mould

1. The Inspection:

Our certified technicians will inspect the mould to determine the extent of the problem, likely course and scope of work. You’ll then be provided with a written quote.

testing moisture

2. Take Humidity and Moisture Readings:

This is an important part of understanding the cause of the problem and what’s required to rectify the issue.

3. Anti-microbial Mould Cleaning:

Our cleaning solutions contain an anti-microbial component that treats surface and hidden mould. In over 90% of cases, mould is removed or treated without the need for painting or building work.

4. Anti-Microbial Misting:

An Anti-microbial mist is sprayed into the room to treat air-borne mould spores and prevent re-colonisation

Terms and conditions

  1. Micro-misting must be completed as part of the mould remediation service
  2. The source of water ingress or moisture (usually excessive condensation) must be removed
  3. Relative humidity must remain below 60%.
  4. Full terms and conditions will be provided with your quotation.


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