Tile & Grout Cleaning

For tiles that look & feel like new

Make Your Tiles Look New Again!

For only $349, we will clean the tile and grout of your your kitchen, lounge dining and hallway!
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Safely cleans built-up grime, dirt and unhealthy germs from your tiles and grout lines.
Penetrating cleaning solutions draw out built-up grime from porous grout and tiles.
Suitable for both natural and man-made tiles. We can also strip & seal natural stone tiles such as slate.


E-Dry gives all our customers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, we'll re-clean your tiles and grout free of charge.


pre-treating the kitchen floor

1. Pre-Treat Tile & Grout

Our first step is to apply an alkaline-based degreasing solution that we allow to penetrate for up to 20 minutes, breaking down any accumulated soil, grease, contaminants and topical residues.

scrubbing the kitchen floor

2. Power Scrub

We use specially designed brushes to agitate the grout lines and tile surfaces, focusing on edges and baseboards to ensure that they are as clean as the middle of the floor.

extracting water from the kitchen floor

3. Extract/Turbo Power Rinse

The dirty water is extracted and the tiles & grout are pressure rinsed using high pressure heated water, with any waste captured and extracted in one process.

speed dry equipment

4. Speed Dry

When all the remaining water is removed from the floor, we use high powered fans to thoroughly dry the tile & grout lines.


Want a completely new look for your tiled areas? Rather than re-grouting, perhaps you should think about recolouring your grout.

Grout recolouring seals your grout and changes it to a colour of your choice.
This is an excellent solution for grout that has significant discolouration or stubborn stains that cleaning cannot remove.


Avoids the hassle and expense of re-tiling or re-grouting.
Is guaranteed not to peel or flake for 10 years (5 years in wet areas).
Grout recolouring also seals your grout, preventing discolouration and soiling.
The colour is permanent because the colour and sealant are absorbed by the grout.
Future cleaning is easier as only a neutral detergent will be required to maintain the area.
Completely alters the look of your room with over 30 grout colours to choose from.

*Offer is subject to a maximum area of 44 square metres, with 30cm square tiles. This offer is valid for a standard cleaning service. Price will vary for very heavily soiled tiles, smaller tiles or other issues that may affect the condition of the tile such as wax coatings. Minimum price for tile and grout cleaning service is $275 and the typical price per square metre is $7 - $10. All quotes and cleaning demonstrations shall incur a $25 fee that shall be deducted from the cleaning costs if you proceed with the quoted work or another Electrodry service.


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