Timber Refresh

Bring your wood floors back to life


Amazing Deep Clean: The Bona™ Deep Clean system removes built-up dirt, grime and the residue from cleaning products, giving your floors the most thorough clean imaginable.
Restores Shine: Timber Refresh polyurethane coat restores your floor's original sheen by filling in abrasions and micro-scratches.*
Guaranteed to last: Our refresh coating becomes part of the existing polyurethane coating on your floor for long last lasting results.
Minimises Scratches: The Timber Refresh coating minimises scratches, making small scratches difficult to see and larger scratches less noticeable.
Oiled floors: Our oil refresh solution cleans and refreshes oiled floors with amazing results


E-Dry gives all our customers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, we'll re-do your timber floors free of charge.


vacuuming the floor

1. A Pre-Vacuum

We pre-vacuum your timber floors to remove all dust and grime.

broom cleaning edge of the floor

2. Hand-Clean Edges

Edges and skirting board lines are cleaned by hand to ensure a complete clean.

deep clean system

3. Bona™ Deep Clean System

We use a self-contained cleaning unit that applies a specially designed cleaning solution, scrubs out the dirt and residue from cleaning products, and stores the dirty solution for disposal.

apply the timber refresh

4. Timber Refresh Applied

To finish off the process, our Timber Refresh polyurethane coating is gently and evenly applied, bringing your floors back to life.


Will E-Dry move my Furniture?

We will do our best to help you move some items of furniture if not too heavy, awkward or valuable.

If you are looking for a professional service, E-Dry can provide two technicians on site to move all your furniture in and out of the Timber Refresh areas. This service costs an additional $180** and covers 30 minutes for furniture moving at the start of the job, and a return visit at least an hour after the job to return the furniture.

Can you work around my furniture?

E-Dry can work around furniture and can reach part way under beds, desks and tables depending on how high they are off the ground. We can usually reach 20 centimetres under the edge of a bed so that the uncoated area isn’t visible.

Can I move my furniture from side to side within the room?

Unfortunately we are unable to move furniture from side to side whilst the timber refresh coating is still wet.

Can Timber refresh be applied on hot or wet days?

Timber refresh needs time to settle and start curing before it dries. This means we can easily apply it on wet days, but we can’t apply it on hot days where the room is over 26 degrees.

If you have air-conditioning then we can manage the temperature of the room so that timber refresh can be applied. If you do not have air-conditioning then we will book your service for first thing in the morning.

What if my room is bigger than 14 meters?

We charge $7 per square metre for large rooms and if you’re not sure how big your room is, we can measure it on the day.

What if my room is smaller than 14 meters?

$99 is a standard per room rate that includes time for vacuuming, edging, deep cleaning and the application of the timber refresh coat, all of which take time. If the room is very small or we are working around large pieces of furniture like beds then we can look at adjusting the price, however we can’t adjust the price for marginal differences in room size.

Are there floors that timber refresh is not suitable for?

Timber Refresh isn’t suitable for floors with large worn areas, when the polyurethane coating has worn through to raw timber. In this case we can clean and coat the floor, but the Timber Refresh coating won’t effectively seal/coat bare timber. In situations like this, if you would like your floor re-coated without sanding, then Mr Sandless may be able to assist (www.mrsandless.com.au).

What if the coating has started to peel off?

Timber Refresh will not fix a peeling polyurethane coating but it will usually make it look much better. If the polyurethane is peeling off and you’d like the best possible result, then sanding and polishing your floors is the best option.

How much are the stairs?

Stairs require a little extra TLC as they need to be cleaned and coated by. An average width stair costs $7 and $15 for a square corner stair and $20 for a landing. We work on an average cost for a set of stairs of $110 to make it easier to price over the phone.

Will E-Dry remove the scratches and dents in my floor?

Timber Refresh is a thin polyurethane coating designed to fill in abrasions and micro-scratches, which is the damage that causes a floor to look dull. After the Timber Refresh coating, deeper scratches will be less noticeable and there will be minimal difference to deep scratches that penetrate the coating and timber floor below. Indents or gauges in the floor that typically occur from pets or moving heavy furniture can’t be remove be re-coating of any sort. These types of defects can only be removed by sanding the floor.

Will the Deep Clean remove paint spots on the floor?

The deep clean may remove some of the paint depending on the condition of the floor, age of the paint and type of paint, but the impact is minimal.

*The final sheen level is a dependent on the condition of the floor. Heavily worn floors may not achieve their original sheen level through one or multiple coats of timber refresh.



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