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A clean, fresh & healthy lounge suite, guaranteed

Now with E-Shield Anti-microbial Protection

A clean, fresh & healthy lounge suite, guaranteed


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Our technicians are highly qualified to safely and effectively clean even the most difficult fabrics.
We use HealthGuard™ to remove germs, grime and bacteria from the fabric during the cleaning process.
E-Dry's solvent-based cleaning products remove more oils and grime than other cleaning processes.
Our innovative dry-cleaning system leaves fabrics drier, so your furniture should be ready to use within 2 to 4 hours.

Our Results

E-Dry's Upholstery Cleaning process thoroughly cleans with a combination of dry and steam cleaning. They are also infected with Healthguard™ to remove germs and bacteria. We are able to achieve the best possible results without damaging your lounges!

Now Includes

E-Shield is a long-lasting sanitising agent that effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and a range of germs and micro-organisms. It will continue to sanitise your lounge for up to 4 months after the product is applied, while other sanitising agents only disinfect in the seconds or minutes after application.

The active ingredient in Electro-Shield, HealthGuard® AMIC, will come into contact with your lounge fibres, continuing to disinfect against bacteria until it is worn away with regular use.

Re-application every 2 months is recommended on extensively used lounges or chairs, such as those in commercial premises.


The E-Dry Guarantee

E-Dry's innovative cleaning system delivers expert cleaning services to over 10,000 satisfied customers in the Sydney area every year.


E-Dry's Upholstery Cleaning Process


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