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5 Astounding Olive Oil Uses for Around the Home

5 Astounding Olive Oil Uses for Around the Home

Olive Oil is a staple in most people’s kitchen pantry – it tastes great and is a handy cooking assistant.

But did you know Olive Oil has myriad other uses around the home?

Here’s a few of my favourites I’ve recently discovered.

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Protect Wooden Furniture

This is a great one. Olive Oil can protection and condition wooden items around the home, such as your wooden cabinets, tables and outdoor furniture that has faded over the years.

The first step is to remove any loose dirt or dust with a microfiber cloth. Next combine Olive Oil and lemon juice in a 3:1 solution, using a clean cloth to wipe the mixture onto the timber, following the wood grain.

Test it first on a hidden spot so that you know it won’t discolour the furniture.

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Condition Your Leather

Olive Oil is a natural and handy way to restore your leather’s colour and small scratches. Pour some oil onto a clean cloth and rub in circular motion. Ensure that you are cleaning off any excess oil. Similar to the wood method, test it out first.

Use this tip on your shoes, your lounge and other leather items you may have around the home.

Make sure you check your leather lounge manufacturer’s care advice, to ensure you won’t void the warranty.

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Get Paint off Your Skin

There’s nothing more frustrating than scrubbing your hands to try and get paint off, with no success!

First you need to get rid of any loose paint off your hands with soap and warm water. Place a small amount of Olive Oil on a cloth and rub until the paint disappears from your skin. You can add a little salt to the mix to exfoliate the paint of if it’s proving stubborn.

Add Olive Oil to your beauty routine, too. It’s a great makeup remover which is suitable for many skin types.

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Shine up Your Stainless Steel

I love the look of stainless steel but once it gets greasy, it can be tough to get it to shine again. Use a little white vinegar to remove the grease, while your olive oil will polish it up nicely. Make sure you rub in a circular motion to help shift stubborn grease.

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Shine up Your Stainless Steel

Our environmental footprint is important, which is why cast iron pans are back on trend. Your cast iron pan will last a long time as long as you season it!

Give the pan a wash and a good dry, before rubbing it with Olive Oil.

Next, put the pan upside down in the oven at about 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 30 minutes. We recommend placing aluminium foil or baking paper under the pan in case it drips during ‘cooking’. Why does it work? The heat will create a plastic-like, non-stick protective coating on the pan.


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