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Timber Restore

Gorgeous wood floors without the sanding mess.
One-day service!



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Do You Need to Refresh or Restore Your Floor?

Timber Refresh utilises a deep clean process combined with a special polyurethane coating to refresh and to breathe new life to dull, tired floors. After timber refresh your floors will look so good you won't believe your eyes!

From $149 per room*
The minimum price for Timber Refresh service is $258


Timber Restore is the ideal alternative to rejuvenate worn out floors without the hassles brought about by sanding. Wood floors are cleaned meticulously coated by our durable FIBA approved 2-pack polyurethane coating system.

From $289 per room*
The minimum price for Timber Restore service is $500


Benefits of E-Dry Timber Restore

No sanding, no smell, no mess one-day service; No need to seek alternative accommodations. Return your furniture that same evening!
Durable Coating; Our 2-pack polyurethane coating promises a hard wearing, scratch resistant coating that will last for up to 5 years!
Removes Most Scratches; Timber Restore removes surface scratches while significantly minimising even the deep scratches.
Your choice of Finish; Choose your desired finish whether gloss, satin, matte or ultra matte!
Less expensive than sanding; Timber Restore is a more cost-effective way to rehabilitate your worn out floors.
Colour Blending; Colours are added to worn areas to even out any colour variations.
Ideal for worn floors; Timber Restore is the ideal system to prepare, a seal and refinish worn floors without the headache of a messy and expensive sanding.
Works on a wide range of floors; Timber Restore is safe and effective for variety of floors including hardwood floors, engineered wood floors (floating floors), and bamboo.

The E-Dry Guarantee

Our Timber Restore service guarantees satisfying rseults each and every time. If you're not completely happy with the results in a room, then you won't have to pay for that room.*

The E-Dry Timber Restore Process

Why E-Dry Timber Restore is Better Than Regular Floor Sanding


Always significantly LESS EXPENSIVE than sanding

The whole process takes just a single day

Furniture can be replaced straight away

Non-toxic and virtually odourless

Colours are expertly blended to achieve best results!



Need to vacate your home for at least 4 days!

Furniture storage required

Harmful carcinogenic sanding dust residue

Nasty chemical odour lingers for weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Timber Restore give the same result as having my floor sanded?

We usually achieve amazing results with very minimal differences to a freshly sanded floor depending on the condition of the floor. Floors with moderate levels of wear will benefit the most from our Timber Restore process. If the floor has been subjected to heavy wear, it's possible that some wear may still be visible, but will mostly be unnoticeable.


Will there be an odour?

Unlike regular sanding, E-Dry's specialised Timber Restore coatings have almost no odour. If you keep your home well-ventilated during the first hour, then you're unlikely to notice any smell at all.


How much should I expect to pay?

Our Timber Restore Service is priced between $20 and $24 per square metre depending on the size of the job and the overall condition of the floor. This works out costing $270 to $315 for an average room measuring 13 square metres.


Will all of the scratches be removed?

Timber Restore is guaranteed to effectively remove small scratches while greatly minimising the impact of deep scratches, even removing them in some cases. For deeper scratches that have penetrated through the polyurethane coating into the timber underneath, contamination or discolouration of the timber due to moisture exposure will still be visible.


I'm ripping my carpet up. Will Timber Restore be suitable to coat my floor?

The Timber Restore System is a perfect option if you previously had your floors sanded and coated with polyurethane. However, if your floor has never been sanded, we highly recommend you seek out a floor sander for the best possible result.


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