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Timber Refresh

Bring your wood floors back to life!



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Do You Need to Refresh or Restore Your Floor?

Timber Refresh utilises a deep clean process combined with a special polyurethane coating to refresh and to breathe new life to dull, tired floors. After timber refresh your floors will look so good you won't believe your eyes!

From $149 per room*
The minimum price for Timber Refresh service is $258


Timber Restore is the ideal alternative to rejuvenate worn out floors without the hassles brought about by sanding. Wood floors are cleaned meticulously coated by our durable FIBA approved 2-pack polyurethane coating system.

From $289 per room*
The minimum price for Timber Restore service is $500


Benefits of E-Dry Timber Refresh

Amazing Deep Clean: The Bona™ Deep Clean system removes built-up dirt, grime and the residue from cleaning products, giving your floors the most thorough clean imaginable.
Restores Shine: Timber Refresh polyurethane coat restores your floor's original sheen by filling in abrasions and micro-scratches.*
Guaranteed to last: Our refresh coating becomes part of the existing polyurethane coating on your floor for long last lasting results.
Minimises Scratches: The Timber Refresh coating minimises scratches, making small scratches difficult to see and larger scratches less noticeable.
Oiled floors: Our oil refresh solution cleans and refreshes oiled floors with amazing results.

The E-Dry Guarantee

Our Timber Refresh service comes with a guarantee. If you have any concerns with the final result, we will return and re-treat your floor free of charge.*

The E-Dry Timber Refresh Process

Why E-Dry Timber Restore is Better Than Regular Floor Sanding


Always significantly LESS EXPENSIVE than sanding

The whole process takes just a single day

Furniture can be replaced straight away

Non-toxic and virtually odourless

Colours are expertly blended to achieve best results!



Need to vacate your home for at least 4 days!

Furniture storage required

Harmful carcinogenic sanding dust residue

Nasty chemical odour lingers for weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will E-Dry take care of moving my furniture?

Our technicians will help move items with reasonable size and weight before the job starts. If you require your furniture moved out of the rooms where the service is being done and replaced at the end of the day. We can book you a furniture movinf service. Moving and replacing furniture will require at least 2 technicians on site and a return visit must be organised at the end of the day to replace the furniture once the coating has dried. This service costs an extra $180*.


Can you work around some of my furniture?

We can work around some furniture and reach partially underneath items such as beds, desks and tables. We usually are able to reach 20 centimetres underneath the edges of a bed so the uncoated area isn't apparent.


Can I move myfurniture from side to side within the room?

Furniture cannotbe shifted whilst coating is wet or drying. Thus, furniture cannot be shifted from side to side during the coating process.


Can Timber Refresh be done during hot or wet days?

Timber Refresh requires time and an ideal weather for it to cure and dry. This means that it can be done withour problems on wet days but cannot be applied during hot days when the room temperature is above 28 to 30 degreess. If you do not have air-conditioning then we can attend to your floors first thing in the morning.


What if my room is larger than 13 square metres?

After the first 13 square metres we charge $8 per square metre thereafter. If you are unsure of the size of your rooms, we can measure it on the day.


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