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5 Fantastic Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

5 Fantastic Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer has officially arrived and while the long days and balmy temperatures are bliss for some, others may prefer to keep their cool indoors.

Keeping your home comfortable during the few months of summer can be tricky and expensive too!

Some small changes can make an impressive difference to how effectively you can stave off the heat, which won’t cost a lot either!

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Increase Your Air Flow

Most of us don’t make the most of our fans, whether they’re desk or wall mounted. Fans work so well because they create a breeze that can evaporate perspiration from our skin. Used effectively, they can be used as a great alternative to air conditioning. They’re also a cheaper option, costing approximately 3 cents per hour to run.

YRely on your fans where you can and open your windows just a little so that the warm air can be let out. Placing a fan near the window (if you have a desk one) is a fantastic way to make the most of any breeze coming in.

If it is one of those uncomfortable, sweaty nights and you have to turn the air conditioner on, keep it on a low setting and use it in conjunction with your ceiling fan to really get the air moving.

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Limit the Light

You’ll be amazed at how quickly sunlight can warm your house up, particularly if it’s a sweltering day. Avoid opening up your curtains or windows first thing in the morning and while you’re at it, keep the door closed too.

Doing this could mean you won’t have to turn the air conditioner on until the afternoon, if at all. This method is great where I live – by the time I feel like it may be time to turn on the a/c, there’s often a great afternoon breeze coming through anyway, so I just open up my windows instead!

If natural light is enough, keep the lights off as well. Indoor lights produce heat so it can be another way to keep the house cool. It’ll save you some cash off your next energy bill too!

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Rethink Your Air Con Remote

As tempting as it may be to set the temperature to ‘freezing’ on your remote to get that oh-so-sweet relief from the heat quicker, putting temps so low all the time puts a lot of heat on your electricity bill. It’s more expensive than you’d think.

Every degree adds about 10% to your overall usage costs across the period. Keep the temperature set at about 24-25 degrees to keep your bill down. While it may take a little longer for you to feel that relief, it’ll all be worth it when the quarterly bill comes.

You should also be holding off turning the unit on until the temperature is 30 degrees or higher outside, if you can of course!

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Do You Know Dry Mode?

Pick up your remote for a moment and look at it. Sure, you know what most of the buttons do, but did you know there’s a button on there that could be saving you cash this summer?

Consult your product manual or remote to see if your unit has a dry or dehumidify mode. The button usually looks like a water drop symbol and it can remove air humidity, which makes the room easier to cool and will place less pressure on the air conditioner compressor. You won’t reach your desired temperature as quickly, but the water symbol is just as effective as the snowflake if you are planning on having your unit on for a longer amount of time.

This trick definitely made my bill decrease last summer and I love recommending it to people!

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Maintenance is Key

Like all appliances, it’s important to maintain your air conditioner so that it does its job when you need it to.

Once a season, clean out your filters, following your product’s instruction manual. This can make a big difference in how effective your system is during the summer.

You should also be getting your air conditioner professionally cleaned annually. Professional cleaners have the solutions and equipment to effectively clean and sanitise your unit so that it performs at its best.

Note: Air Conditioning Services are not currently available in NSW – updates available on our Air Conditioning Cleaning page.


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