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6 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

6 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why wouldn’t you want to make it look as stylish as possible? Unfortunately, those beautiful kitchens you see looking effortlessly chic on social media are out of reach for the budget and skill level of most of us mere mortals.

We can help you avoid total #pinterestfail however, with six easy steps that will freshen up your kitchen using your basic handyman skills and modest budget!

Utilise Those Containers

Being organised is on trend right now – Marie Kondo’s decluttering method is taking the world by storm! Get your kitchen pantry organised by labelling your containers and sorting everything in your pantry. It will make cooking dinner on a busy weeknight much easier and you won’t have to clean the pantry as often either. Take everything out of your pantry, sort into sections and put everything into containers. Make sure you label everything correctly and have the labels facing out. This method makes everything easier to see and helps you to know what you’re running low on next time you’re at the shops.

Use a Lick of Paint

Paint isn’t just for your walls. Grab a shade of grey or blue for your old timber colours to really freshen up their look. Do your research with companies like Dulux, who often have how-to-guides for these projects to make it a little easier to do yourself.

Get Your Tiles Sparkling

Sometimes your floors need something more thorough, which can rejuvenate the look of your kitchen. We recommend getting your tiled grout recoloured for something a little bit different. An E-Dry tile clean is an affordable way to give your kitchen a mini-makeover. We can also do timber floor refresh or sanding services if your wood floors need a little love.

Buy Some New Appliances

Looking for a cheap way to change things up? Keep an eye on the sales to pick up a new kettle, toaster or blender for a great price. Some brands include a variety of colours in their range. A deep red or mint green pop of colour could be just what a neutral kitchen needs.

Save Some Space

Now for you to embrace your inner Bob the Builder. Installing a timber floating shelf on a spare wall or above the window is a great way to store crockery, pots or even items like frames, plants or candles. Make sure you consider how you’ll be using the shelf before you install it. Don’t put it too high if you’re going to be using the items on the shelf regularly. You may also need to install something a bit thicker if you’re planning on putting heavier items on the shelf.

Get Some New Handles

This is another do-it-yourself job that is easy enough to do. Replace your tapware as well while you’re doing the handles. Choose tapware that matches your colour scheme and that are practical, too. Ensure knobs or levers are far away enough from the wall so you can turn them easily and that the spout will sit neatly within the basin. Replace your old cabinet handles with something a bit more modern but do your research first at your local hardware store.

These are just a couple of small things you can do to make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen. Having a completely organised and stylish kitchen will make cooking dinner a whole lot more fun!


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