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How to Get your Bond Back

How to Get your Bond Back

Moving house is a stressful experience but for a renter, the end of lease cleaning inspection is a particularly anxious time!

Here at E-Dry, we know carpets and our knowledge just might help you get your bond back – minus the disputes. We’ve put together the facts about carpet cleaning requirements and tenancies, plus some tips to give you the upper hand.

Firstly, it is commonly believed that you must have your carpets professionally cleaned when you are leaving a tenancy. This is not true.

Here are some circumstances in which you may be obliged to have the carpets professionally cleaned:

01In NSW and the ACT you are not obliged to have the carpets professionally cleaned unless you have pets and it was included as a condition on the original lease in relation to the pets.

02In all other states it can be added as a special condition in the original agreement whether you have pets or not.

03If it is proved that the carpets were professionally cleaned prior to you moving in, then it is reasonable to expect you to do the same prior to you leaving.

04All leases state that the premises must be left in a reasonably clean condition.

Many people opt to still have the carpets cleaned professionally to maximise their ability to have their bond returned undisputed. While renting, there are some things you can do to keep the carpet in great shape.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Most rental contracts tell you the carpets should be in the condition they were in when you moved in, with ‘reasonable’ wear and tear. Here’s how to keep your side of the agreement.

Tip #1

Take plenty of pics when you move in, date them, include them in the condition report and store your own copies somewhere safe.

Tip #2

Wear socks, not shoes so you don’t track in dirt and debris from outdoors.

If you have small children or babies at home, use a rug or even large sheets of heavy duty plastic under the dining table to catch food scraps and mess.

Tip #3

Take yourself shopping for some rugs – not only will they protect the carpet, it’ll give your place a personal touch.

Tip #4

Vacuum at least once per week paying attention to corners and edges and vacuuming in two directions (vertical and horizontal), as this method removes more contaminants and reduces the possibility of wear and tear.

Tip #5

Bookmark the E-Dry website for tips on stain removal so that you always know where to go for expert advice on how to clean up all sorts of nasty spills.

Tip #6

When it comes time to move out, choose your own carpet cleaner – you’ve got a right to do so!


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