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How to Jazz up your Bathroom for Under $1500

How to Jazz up your Bathroom for Under $1500

Bathrooms never really get the appreciation they deserve, but when we hit them with a quick makeover, a little design flair and a few fancy colours, your bathroom can quickly become the standout room in your home. The average person spend a year and a half of their life in the bathroom, so why not spend that time in a room you love?

So you thought it over and spoke to your spouse about it.  You’re actually seriously considering giving your bathroom a much needed makeover. Until you realise that it can be really messy and expensive.

A typical bathroom renovation can impact your wallet from between $15,000 to $35,000. Most of us would rather put that budget elsewhere. So we compiled a few easy and cost-effective tips on how you can jazz up your bathroom for under $1500.

New Tapware

Unless broken, taps are usually that thing in your bathroom that you install it and forget about. If they’re not broken, why fix them? The result is usually terribly outdated tapware.

The good news is that taps are relatively cheap to replace, easy to install, and make a world of difference in refreshing the look of your bathroom.

A modern faucet handle like this would make for a great update on the '80s teardrop tap you currently have. You can find taps like this for $120 and by following instructional DIY videos on Youtube, you can do the installation on your own.


Tapware Replacement: $120

Give Your Vanity A Makeover

You've had that vanity for god knows how long and now it's crying for change! If you're sick to death of that boring beige color, you can have your vanity repainted to a more modern look. Light coloured paint will give your bathroom that airy feel while also complementing your tiles.

White King Laminate paint has a whole catalog of colours to choose from and are specifically designed for painting over laminated surfaces.

This "how to" video is an excellent guide to achieve a professional result. Finish it off with a new set of handles to complete that modern atmosphere. Matching it with your new tapware, will help tie the look together.


Vanity Repaint and New Handles: $220

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Filthy tiles and grout can ruin the look of a bathroom. Consider getting a professional tile and grout cleaning service to remove grime, dirt and stains to give your tiled surfaces that fresh clean look.

To complete the transformation, top it off by having your grout re-coloured! After cleaning, a coloured penetrating sealer is applied to change the colour of the grout as well as sealing it to prevent further staining and discolouration.

E-Dry's grout colour sealing comes in a variety of 30 lovely colours. Have an E-Dry technician over for a free quote and demonstration. Our technician will apply these colours in a test section to help you decide which colour will work with your bathroom best. The cost to clean and colour seal a standard bathroom is $599*, and best of all it comes with a 5 year guarantee (10 years in dry areas).

Tile & Grout Cleaning Plus Colour Sealing: $599

Update to a Frameless Shower Screen

If you're one of those who still have framed shower screens, you might be living in the past. If you really want to go all out modern, a frameless shower screen is a must!

Frameless shower screens offer a cleaner, more open feel that especially benefits smaller bathrooms. Starting at $560, including installation, going frameless will change the way your bathroom looks.

Frameless Shower Screen: $560

New tapware (DIY install) - $120

Vanity Makeover - $220

Tile and Grout Cleaning plus Colour Sealing - $599

Frameless Shower screen: $560

Total Price $1499


There you go, a jazzed up bathroom at just $1,500 and a bit of time, elbow grease, and smidge of cash, your bathroom will practically feel like new!


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