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How to Remove a Lipstick Stain from Carpet

How to Remove a Lipstick Stain from Carpet

Our guide on how to remove lipstick stains from carpet

Lipstick. Looks great on the lips, not so great on the carpet! Whether you’ve dropped it hastily getting ready for work or your two-year-old has decided to pursue a career in art, it can be a nasty looking stain.

You might be surprised to know that all lipsticks are made up of a few basic ingredients, such as oil, wax and colour pigment. It’s the oils that cause the stain – target the oils and the stain should be a cinch to remove.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper towel or clean white/colourfast cloths
  • Butter knife
  • Aerogard, Nail Polish Remover or White Vinegar
  • Water

Our simple steps with give you the best chance of results:

You will need to act fast. You’ve got a much better chance of removing any stain if you spring into action quickly.

Step 1 - Scrape solid chunks off

Gently remove excess lippy with a butter knife, ensuring that you don’t further spread the stain.

Step 2- Pick your product

We’ve got a few products to choose from when treating the stain, most of which should be tucked away in the pantry or bathroom cupboard at home.


Oily stains like this one need a solvent to effectively dissolve the stain. An Aerogard (isopropyl alcohol) can is a great option because it contains solvent – just don’t shake before use as this will mix the active insect repelling ingredients with the isopropyl alcohol! We also recommend avoiding circular motions while rubbing, which could damage the carpet fibres.

Nail Polish Remover

Make sure that the nail polish remover is pure acetone and that the area you’re working in is well ventilated.

White Vinegar

We love vinegar as a home cleaning product because it is so good at dissolving grease.

Step 3 - Treat the Stain

Apply your cleaning product of choice to a clean white cloth or paper towel. Continue this process , using different areas of the cloth as you go. Don’t rub, as it could work the lipstick further into the carpet fibres or spread the stain.

Step 4 – Persistence is key!

Continue this process if the colour is continuing to transfer onto the cloth. Having no luck? Try switching up your cleaning product and see how you go.

Finally, rinse and dry

Rinse the carpet with cold water and blot dry with another clean cloth or paper towel, then blot it dry with a clean cloth to remove solvent residue. Make sure you stay off the carpet and let it dry.

We’re pretty confident the above steps should remove or at least dull the stain. These processes take time, so be patient and persevere if it’s working.

Not working? Electro 3 Spot and Stain Cleaner is a great product to have on standby for times like these. You could also give E-Dry a call for some expert advice and help removing the stain – we’ve got the specially formulated solutions and expertise to effectively treat carpet stains and leave your floors pristinely clean!


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