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Our 5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts

Our 5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts

Do you put off cleaning the bathroom? It can be a time-consuming task and gets increasingly tough the longer you avoid it.

Arm yourself with our bathroom cleaning hacks and it may become your favourite chore.

Try them out today.

Be More Organised

Getting a strategy together can save you a lot of time.

Combine all of your cleaning products into one bucket to be kept in the bathroom cupboard. You want to make sure that you only use these products in the bathroom for hygiene reasons.

Gather together your cleaning equipment such as brushes, cleaning products and tools for your floors, surfaces and toilet bowl, as well as cleaning rags, microfiber cloths and gloves if required.

Start thinking a little more about the order you clean your bathroom.

Spray any products that need to be left on the surface before wiping down.

Take everything off your vanity and the floor.

Sweep your floors, paying careful attention to corners.

Clean all glass.

Scrub the toilet bowl, inside and out.

Clean the shower or bath.

Wipe your surfaces.

Wet mop the floor and return everything to the room once dry.

Work Smarter

Instead of the bathroom clean taking up your whole Saturday, make the most of your bathroom time by doing little jobs every time you’re in there.

After your shower, give it a spray with your preferred cleaning product and wipe down with a squeegee. This will help to stop soap scum build up and keep the glass looking shiny.

Give faucets a wipe down next time you’re cleaning your teeth.

Every few days, pour some toilet cleaner into the bowl, swish around and flush. Easy!

Clean Your Drains

Stop that dreaded drain smell by sprinkling a little Bi-Carb Soda into them, leaving for around half an hour and then rinsing with boiling water. Bi-Carb Soda can absorb odours to keep your drain hygienic and fresh.

Open Your Windows

Image source: The Gold Hive

It is no surprise that mould loves the steamy conditions your bathroom creates. Keeping the air flowing in your bathroom can help to prevent or slow down mould growth.

Make sure you always have the exhaust fan on while you’re having your shower, keep windows open when you can, clean shower curtains regularly and keep on top of any small mould infestations you see.

Mix Up Your Cleaning Products

In our research, we’ve discovered some interesting cleaning product alternatives that can do an effective job of getting your bathroom looking fresh.

Save yourself from bath cleaning back pain by using a designated broom to scrub your bath. It makes this awful job so much easier!

Your toothpaste has been living a double life. It shines your taps and faucets as well as it cleans your teeth! Use an old toothbrush and white paste only to make that steel shine.

A mix of 10 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and water in a glass spray bottle makes a great cleaning product for your sink, shower and toilet.

Baby Oil can be used during your bathroom clean as well. Wipe your taps down with vinegar first to nuke germs, before buffing with the oil.


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