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How To Remove Vomit Odour From Carpet

How To Remove Vomit Odour From Carpet

The unthinkable has happened and you find yourself cleaning up vomit on the carpet ...

Whether it was the result of a big night out, a nasty virus or the baby of the house, the sour smell of vomit lingers if it isn’t treated effectively. However, dealing with vomit odours doesn’t need to be a challenge. Follow these easy steps and your home should be smelling fresh and clean straight away.

We recommend either of the following two methods:

The first option is to use Enzymatic Cleaner (read on and we’ll explain what that is) and the second is the bi-carb soda method. We recommend using the Enzymatic Cleaner method for best results, however if you don’t have right product on hand, the bi-carb soda method will do a great job.

Method 1: Using Enzymatic Cleaner to Remove the Odour

Enzyme cleaners are used to break down the protein that causes the odour. When purchasing one from the hardware shop or grocery store you will usually find them labelled as 'Urine-Odour remover for carpet' or 'Blast bad smells'. E-Dry Technicians use an Enzymatic Cleaner called E-Pet, which we highly recommend in order to remove the bad vomit smell you are dealing with.


  1. Make sure you remove as much of the excess vomit from the carpet as you can. Scraping away the excess with a spoon or dustpan helps.

  2. To cleanse the area, mix two litres of clean warm water with a tablespoon of dish-washing detergent. Sponge liberally over the affected area. After sponging, use an absorbent towel to dry, blotting by applying downward pressure.

  3. Re-wet the area by sponging water into the carpet then apply the Enzymatic Cleaner liberally, as the effected area needs to be soaked. Once the area is wet, agitate the cleaner into the pile. If you feel the cleaner needs to penetrate to the backing of the carpet, sponge with more water after applying the cleaner.

  4. Leave the Enzyme Cleaner to sit for a few hours, then blot dry.

  5. Place a fan over the area (a pedestal fan works well) to accelerate the drying process and avoid damage to the carpet.

Follow the instructions on the Enzymatic Cleaner very carefully. Some cleaners require you to rinse completely after applying. If rinsing is required, wait till the cleaner has been on the carpet for several hours. You do not need to rinse E-Dry’s E-Pet Enzymatic Cleaner.

Method 2:  Using Bi-Carb Soda to Remove the Odour

  1. In a bowl, mix clean warm water with bi-carb soda to a toothpaste consistency

  2. Using the bi-carb soda mixture spread a thin layer (like icing) over the affected vomit area.

  3. When the mixture starts to dry, use a tooth brush top break up the mixture and brush it into the carpet, starting at the side and working your way into the middle. Ensure you use a gentle brush as that the carpet pile isn’t damaged.

  4. Leave the crumbled bi-carb soda mixture in place for 24 hours, after which you can remove it with a thorough vacuum.

  5. After vacuuming the bi-carb soda we recommend a spray of Febreze to the carpet to remove any trace of the odour.

If the vomit incident is bad enough, the vomit can leach through to the carpet backing. If this happens you may notice that the smell won’t go away.  The only way to treat this is to call E-Dry and have them treat the underlay and backing of the carpet with a strong anti-bacterial process. They will actually inject your carpet backing with a specialised solution that will rid you of the problem.


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