Spruce up the Shower with Fresh Peppermint Cleaning Spray

Spruce up the Shower with Fresh Peppermint Cleaning Spray

Imagine smelling an invigorating peppermint scent every time you shower. This homemade peppermint shower cleaning spray not only smells divine, it will keep your bathroom looking sparkling too.

Anything that makes keeping a clean bathroom easier has my vote. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand cleaning my bathroom. Every weekend, I battle the soap scum for hours only for it to return days later. So frustrating!

 This spray has the cleaning power to keep your shower shining in between cleans, while leaving your bathroom smelling deliciously fresh.

Here’s what you need:

•1/2 cup of vodka – I get it if you don’t want to use your favourite vodka to clean the bathroom so you can try rubbing alcohol (Isocol) instead.

One cup water

10 drops peppermint essential oil

Glass spray bottle

I recommend giving your shower its usual clean so you’ve got a fresh start. Mix the above ingredients together well in the spray bottle and keep it in the shower caddy.

It’s easy to use too. After a shower, just give your shower and/or bath a spray with the mixture. A squeegee will do a great job of wiping down after you spray so you don’t leave water marks behind. No need to rinse!

What’s the secret?

The vodka (or rubbing alcohol, if that’s what you’ve used) is the active ingredient here. Vodka is an extremely effective cleaner that can cut through grease and oil, while disinfecting surfaces and killing germs. And unlike commercial cleaners, ingesting this one doesn’t spell disaster as long as it’s out of reach of children.

Peppermint oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties so it’s a great addition to any homemade cleaner. You could also use Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil, which will both do a fantastic job.

Note: We use a glass spray bottle because over a period of time, the essential oils can wear plastic bottles down.

Some extra tips you might find useful!

•     Glass spray bottles can be tough to track down. I found an Amber one in the Target laundry section for just $3

•     Remember to dilute your rubbing alcohol with about 30% water

•     Try out some different oils such as citrus blends to create other spectacular smelling sprays!