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Treat Pet Wee Odour In Few Easy Steps

Treat Pet Wee Odour In Few Easy Steps

The unpleasant pong hits you as you walk through the lounge room, your pet’s sheepish look, down turned nose and weak tail wag is a sure sign that there has been an accident. With winter weather set in, the prospect of your pet urinating on the high-priced wool carpet increases tenfold. As you know accidents do happen - more so in winter.

The incessant cleaning is futile, the foul odour will linger with repeated wafts of ammonium passing by at inopportune times. We have listed the good and bad news, and actions to follow when it comes to dealing with pet stains and odour.


- Your pet’s urine comes in different levels of toxicity based on diet, hydration and health. Depending on the type of urine, if it’s been left in the carpet for a lengthy period of time it may oxidise the carpet dye altering the colour forever.

- If you pet has continually used the same spot over a period of the time the urine will have penetrated into the underlay of the carpet and sub-floor. If this is the case you will need a professional carpet cleaner with the tools required to treat the underlay.



- Move fast, quick action will avert pet urine stains and smell.

- Most pets are likely to urinate on the same spot, if you find the mark in time the odour can usually be treated and permanently removed, even if the urine has dried.


Act Fast!


Time is of the essence, it is much easier to remove all traces of the urine if you get to the accident early. For fresh stains follow these steps

1. Blot with a towel or absorbing kitchen roll.

2. Add a dash of dishwashing liquid in warm water, cleanse the affected area and dry by placing an absorbent towel on the stain. Add pressure to remove wetness.

3. The best bet is to finish off by cleaning the area with a carpet cleaning solution to ensure all traces are removed. Edry carry Electro 3 spot and Stain removal which works incredibly well.


For dried urine:


If the stain has dried or come close to drying, the area surrounding the urine will need to be rehydrated. We suggest following these steps:

1. Sprinkle a fair amount of bi-carb soda onto the stain.

2. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups warm water and dispense onto the affected area. This will trigger a reaction that breaks down the uric salts and odour causing bacteria

3. Use an absorbing towel to soak the water up, add pressure to the affected area to remove as much moisture as possible

4. Sponge with warm water and dry


If the smell lingers, it is likely that the urine has penetrated into more of the carpet than you originally thought. From experience I feel that the vinegar and bi-carb soda solution does the best job of treating carpet fibres as well as backing. However it would also make sense to try out an odour eating enzyme spray such as E-Pet Odour Eliminator or a store bought enzyme based product. If all attempts to remove the odour prove unsuccessful, I recommend calling a professional carpet cleaner who specialises in odour treatment.


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